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Doctors no help. Pain severe. Need help

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So I've been having severe pains and my doctors seem to be no help they've given a lack of advise and have just advised me to take pain killers to ease the pain but the pain has gotten so severe that the pain killers don't work. I haven't been diagnosed with endo but my auntie suggested I should ask to be treated for it. However when I brought it up my gp didn't seem to understand and dismissed it.

My symptom are:

Severe periods very heavy

Cramps up rectum and vagina

Stabbing pains throughout my pelvic it's either a constant dull pain it would come randomly but very severe and sharp like someone is stabbing me

I can't sleep at nights

Lower back pain that doesn't seem to go

Always tired because of the pain

Gp says I have polycystic ovaries.

However I know endo also causes cysts on ovaries I want to be referred to a specialist but he won't allow it.

I've also called up 111 and they didn't know what endo was

The pain got so bad I threw up and passed out. Couldn't breathe and was weasing. I've always had chronic period pains but it seems that this pain is worse when ovulating.

The pain is too much and have had little to no support from my Gp I've told him the pain is affecting my every day life. He wasn't going to give me any pain killers until I told him I need some sort of pain relief.

He doesn't listen to my symptoms when I told him I passed out the only information I got was 'you passed out cos of the pain' which is obvious. If I knew I'd get that response I wouldn't have told him I was hoping he'd realise it isn't normal and run more test.

I feel like I've had little to no support and I don't want to rely on painkillers without knowing what's really wrong.

Can someone enlighten me with their symptoms if they're similar to mine that have endo or have these symptoms because I don't know what to do. Please help?

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Hi really sorry to hear you are feeling so bad . Your gp sounds pants !!! Can you see another gp in your surgery ? You need a ultrasound scan to see what is going on in your tummy . Can you go to your local a and e ? Or can you afford a private scan if no one will hep ? In this day and age it's not right that you are feeling this way . I do hope that you get some help soon X Where are you based ?

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I'm considering moving to another doctors because all the gps in mine aren't helpful at all. I have had an ultrasound and all they've said is there are cysts on my ovaries and all I need to do is take pain killers but it's constant. The pain never goes away :(

My auntie did suggest having an internal ultrasound because it's more reliable but the gp has dismissed all my suggestions

I'm based in south London. Croydon

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020 7188 3692 . This is the clinical nurse ( endometriosis ) at guy and st Thomas hospital number . She is lovely give her a ring . Her name is Claudia I am sure she will be able to give you some practical advice plus info regarding support groups . keep in touch and I hope you get some help very soon . Cyber hug xxx

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Thank you so much. I'l give her a call. :)

Sorry you are suffering and your doctor is being difficult, I would suggest you print off the Nhs endometriosis symtoms list height light what you have and take it back to GP, look online at the BSGE list and find a specialist near you take them details too, and tell GP you need to be referred as you beleave it to be endo, and unless he can rule it out you deserve further investigation, if you suffer pain during sex or after then be sure to tell him that, for some reason that seams to rock the boat, if you gave a partner or parent that can go with you that would be good, and don't give up, you know your body, what pain killers has he given you?

Good luck xxx

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I haven't experienced pain during sex which seems to be the only symptom I haven't had. When I did have that horrible cramping where I had passed out the day after I pressed slightly on my lower abdomin and it was tender.

Thank you for the advise :)


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Most scans won't show up endo, a MRI will but not all types do its not conclusive, th gold standard for diagnosis us a laporscopy.

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Yeah I looked it up how it can be diagnosed but it's frustrating because I don't think my gp knows what it is. Calling the nhs helpline Aswell for advise and the person I spoke to didn't know what it was. And when I do ask for more tests he won't allow it

If you can't see a different GP, print all this off and demand a referral, try for a BSGE centre, if not a genral gyne, you need this so don't give up

Hi you could try writing a complaint to the practice manager and also ask them to put it in writing that you don't have endometriosis if that is what your GP is saying. This might get you the referral you need. Good luck.

Hi, I'm a mid-cycle pain sufferer too.

The people answering calls on 111 aren't medically trained, they just follow symptom flow charts, so no wonder they didn't have much of a clue.

Your gp is pants. Ask for another one. It's so stupid they have an idea what it *might* be , but won't do anything to confirm it. Your health is important, so don't give up xx

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Oh right that makes sense. Yeah I'm going to ask for a referral to a gyno and an mri

My gp makes me feel like it's all in my head or that my pain is bearable which it really isn't. Even today the pain came on suddenly shooting up my back and pelvic and I had to take so much painkillers.

Thanks for the reply

You need to be referred to a gynaecologist a abdominal scan and blood test as well . Quite often scans show little but you will need a diagnostic lap don't be fobbed off !!!!!!

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