Day 5 post op (2nd lap endo excision and coil inserted)

Woweeee finally got some sleep last night!! But woke up with major trapped wind and when it travels across tummy jeeeeees does it hurt!!! Dont remember having wind for so long last time, also (apologies!!!) when i go for a number 2 its loose!!Still bruised and sore from op and also achy in lower pelvis and back, not sure if some of this down to coil insertion??? I think we feel pressured with keyhole to "snap back" to normal. As with my endo nobody can see it on the outside so always feel judged, but sites like this make me feel more "normal". X x

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  • Take what time off you need, once you are back at work you are back! I think everyone is different with lap symptoms but I'd say a couple of weeks of readjustment is normal. Bizarrely I just started my period one day late after quite a bit of adhesion and cyst surgery 2 weeks ago - I was convinced that'd be all disrupted too. Strong hormones! I prescribe chocolate, duvet and chick flicks for at least another week ;)

  • I do believe you are a medical genius with that prescription!!! ;-) Theres just that many different aches and pains going on in there its hard to kno whats going on lol im not sure when i will have a period due to mirena fitted during surgery but im used to irregular anyhow :-) x x

  • Hang in there and get shares in cadbury's! I am 2 weeks post op now, back at work, most physical stuff is okay but still cry a lot so not so robust yet....should have waited - take your time :) If you like soppyish funny films I would recommend 'Hector and the search for happiness' (even hubbie snivelled) and 'What we did on our holidays'. Take care! I'd better do some work!

  • Thanks hun will check them out :-) hope work goes ok!!! X

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