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Please read and help. Still ongoing endo pain and swollen belly. Post lap.


Hi all.

i've been wanting a doctor's appointment for a couple of days but i am unable to get one which is why i hope you guys can help me please.

on the 15th of july i had a lap had some endo burnt away and also a couple of biopsy is removed and a lot of prodding and poking down there.

i was wanting the doctors appointment as 3 and a half weeks on i am still in a lot of pain and dailyy taking painkillers and my belly is still very swollen and looks like i'm at least 5 months pregnant i'm not sure whether this is normal. i obviously expected the swelling and pain for a while after the lap but is it still normal to feel in a lot of pain and still have such a swollen belly although it has gone down a lot since the lap.

i am slowly returning to work and easeing myself in but still cannot do anything like i used to do i suppose it's still early days but i just need reassurance that it is normal i have read other peopel on here where people go back to work and bouncing around as usual after just a couple of weeks and i don't feel anything like that at all yet.

i cannot fit into any of my trousers or skirts yet i am still having to wear dresses as my belly is so big and swollen when would i expect to be able to get back to normal please?

thank you and any help and advice would be greatly appreciated thanks again

emma x x

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Hi Emma, I would advise you ask for an urgent appointment because these are the symptoms I started off with when I had an infection. It could be surgery related and just how your body is reacting but it would be worth getting checked out! Hope you start to feel better soon :) xxx

Emz87 in reply to nayjay

Thank u. I will try for another appointment tomorrow morning. But if i cant get in. My stress the fact that id like to be seen. Just getting me down too. Im reallu relying in painkillers to get me through the days. As i am doubled over in pain without them xx

Yeah you definitely need to be seen, have you told them it's post surgery problems? Sometimes they're more likely to get you seen! Are there any walk in centres near you? Hang in there Hun xxx

Hello Emma,

How are you feeling now?

It always takes me ages to recover after an op, even walking up the stairs can make me feel like i am going to faint up to 3-4 weeks later. Oh and my tummy is swollen for months, it took me almost 3 months before i was able to put my jeans on again after my op in April and now i'm just about to go and have another one.

I still think you should go to the doctors if you haven't been already but don't feel bad about taking your time to recover. I think i take so long to get better because i get so nervous and scared about the whole thing. My body is probably exhausted once it's all over and then it has to repair itself.

Victoria XX

Hi Victoria

Thank you for your message. I am not feeling too great today.

Got back from the docs not long ago. They have given me even more and stronger pain killers. This will be my 4th week of constant pain killers... which doesnt seem right. Doc had a good feel of my belly and says it feels fine. She is writing to my gyny surgeon to see if i can be seen. Shes hoping i will be seen within a week. If im still like this in a weeks time and not heard from gyny, she says she will get me an emergency appointment. Oh and ive sent off a urine sample for testing. So im none the wiser but least there is something in motion now. I was / am unsure whether all this is normal or not. Every time i read peoples comments and replies on here it seems they are ok after a week and i feel awful. I agree with what u said about urself being scared and nervous about it. I am so unsure what to expect that i am the same. I cant believe it was 3 months until u were back in jeans. I think im heading in the same direction. I tried my baggest jeans in the other day and i couldnt even make the zip meet let alone the button. :-(

How many laps have you had then?

Thank you for replying to me. It really cheers me up to know there are people out there who understands fully what i / we are all going through. Emma xx

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