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How horrible that is so often misdiagnosed. I had all kinds of signs, symptoms, and tests. Went to 15 On/Gun Dr.'s before I found someone that knew what to do. I'm having problems again. A lot of the same symptoms and pain. It hurts with everything. I was referred to an On/Gyn Dr., I feel doesn't know what he's talking about again today. I had to have all kinds of things done before. My biopsy came back negative. Along with my other tests. After finding the right Dr. and having to take that Lupron Depot Injections, and all kinds of other meds... When they cut me open. They foundout that I had it for 2 and a half years. Before anything was done. I'm going through the same crap again. This Dr. I seen today told me the opposite of what my oother Dr. had. I knew right then this one doesn't know what he's doing. Doesn't matter if they are suppose to or not. Oh but it does. Especially when you're sufferering with something so bad. My tests are showing up nothing again. And how funny? I went through the same thing before. It was almost to late when the Dr. I'd got to before helped me. Everything had already turned Cancerous. Carcinoma cancer cells were everywhere! Listen up ladies... It's a big deal even with crappy insurance to have a good Dr. And when you're given all the facts. Believe it yes it can come back. This moron tried to say it can't. I was told it could before. And I'm having a lot of the same problems. How rare does a biopsy come back negative? And you still have that problem? It's three percent. But it happens. It happened to me. And it's a serious matter. Not to be taken for granted. Especially from a person... That you know isn't telling the truth. When they tell you the opposite of what a #1 rated best in the State Dr.'s tell you.

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Thanks for your response and supportive advice. I really appreciate it. Best wishes to you :)


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