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do I have endometriosis?

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Hey i'm new here! :)

Im 22 years old and over the past year my periods have gotten extremely painful. On the first day of my period the only relief I get is by sitting in the shower with the shower hose on the hottest degree and rubbing it on my belly and legs. The pain is particularly bad down my legs. My belly will be so distended and bloated that it is uncomfortable to do just about anything active. But the pain subsides a bit by day 2. And by day 3 the cramps are considerably mild and very manageable. by day 4 they are gone and then for the rest of the month I am pain free. Also, I don't have the heaviest flow, I would use 3 tampons a day on the heaviest day. I feel like the flow doesn't match the pain. I have had a pelvic ultra sound that came back clear and i've had a colonoscopy that came back clear as well.( I suffer from an awful pain going to the bathroom during my period as well).

So the reason I am unsure if this is endometriosis is because the pain isn't chronic as it only comes at the time of my period, but when it does come it is completely debilitating to the point that I can barely walk. I am also unsure if this is endo because it is only in the last year that i have started to suffer from these pains. Growing up as a teenager my periods were light and manageable. I was prescribed a strong anti-inflamatory called mefenamic acid, this sometimes eases the pain a tad but most of the time does very little. Im just worried these symptoms are going to progressively get worse and if i have it i would want to get a diagnosis as early as possible even if that means surgery.

if anyone could offer me with some advice it would be much appreciated :)

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It’s a tough time to ask for referral, it would be the only way to find out. An ultrasound won’t show endo.

Speak to your GP and have a read/ take NICE guidelines with you.

Hope it doesn’t take you too long.

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I’m sorry you’re going through such a tough time! Everyone’s endo is different - I personally suffer two and a half weeks of the month, with my periods being very heavy and lasting 10 days. The only they can really diagnose you is by undergoing a laparoscopy (which is the last resort)

Please do try the coil or a form of contraception (have you tried this already?)

The lap is painful and often isn’t permanent. If also can take a while to recover from so please just try other alternatives first xxx

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you poor thing, a day of suffering is too much let alone 2 and a half weeks :( stay strong xx

have you had many bad side affects from the lap?

i really dont want to try the coil as ive tried hormonal contraceptives in the past and they really affected my mental health

ive been researching natural ways to try and help endo and a supplement called endovan has come up a bit, its had very good reviews in terms of helping with pain management, have you heard of it?

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This is the type of pain I used to get. I would have to take cocodomol to help with pain on my periods and I would feel exhausted the first 2 days. When I went to the bathroom I had a sharp pain in my bum & my periods were particularly heavy. I ended up having a laparoscopy last May and they found mild endo in my pouch of Douglas and around that area. I was pain free until December and then since then I do get a little more pain when I have my periods but I can usually just use paracetamol to calm it down. I was given the mini pill Cerelle for contraception and I have found that over the past year it has helped with the pain and my periods are very light but I bleed for maybe 3 weeks on and off. I am glad I had the laparoscopy because it has diagnosed something I thought was in my head but I think my endo has come back. Very annoying!

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Hey! Babylon health has online gps and specialists. They even have a pretty good Bot that asks for symptoms and can say potential diagnosis. I tested it to see if it detects that I have Endo and it did. While it isn't a full doctor replacement it can give some support

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