Is anyone on esa and been kept on it after medical??

Ive been on esa since July last year on only went for my medical last week. I got a phone call off them today saying they think that I should be seeking work as they think am fit enough!! I don't know what todo now because I suffer constantly though the Endo am currently in Physio over the pains and ibs Ive gained. Has any1 eppealed IT and won? X

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  • HI Gem, this isn't something I have experienced myself or with regards to endo but I have heard some horror stories about decisions they have made with regards to peoples health and their ability to work etc. If you feel you need to appeal then I would say appeal x

  • Thanks Hun they said that they think I'm fit enough to do some work, when I'm in pain I take oral morph, dilinac and paracetamol I can just about remember my name and get my self from the bed to the bathroom without falling never mind try do work! It's digusting because they go on a form which they issued in July and only had the medical last week so as u know ur self things change x

  • Things certainly do change! I would approach them to appeal this. Maybe approach your GP / gynae and ask him / her to write a letter detailing your condition and that you struggling with day to day tasks etc. Good luck and I hope you receive a positive outcome xx

  • Thanks I'm going the drs tomoz and trying to get information now I' just feel horrid coz they've stopped my money too cx

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