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How difficult is it to get pregnant with Endometriosis and PCOS?

I have both endometriosis and poly cystic ovaries, ive been on various different treatments over past 5 years all of which have turned me into a hormonal fruit loop! three operations also. Drs fob me off on trying different treatments but latest ones they have offered me the side effects are soo scary :( im getting married end in august and want to start a family as soon as possible. anyone got any hints or tips for me please!

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Hi Jolie. Congrats on your wedding this year. I also suffer with what you have and am also hoping to fall pregnant soon too. They only tips I'd share is the endo diet I came across it on here. I found I no longer bloat as much or as bad and pain has lessened. I think eating healthy will help massively and if you don't execise you should start that to. I had a lap in Jan and they put me on zoladex post op for two months. If you haven't had this before and they offer it don't waste your time! I was hoping to fall preg asap now I have to wait til end of the year as the injection can harm unborn babies. Also the side effects are horrendous and for me personally I'd never have it again. Good luck with it all and remember to have some you time, stress won't help! Lol. Baby dust to you x


Congratulations on your wedding :) It's such an exciting time.

Just to offer you a little bit of hope, I also have Polycystic ovaries and Endo and am currently pregnant with my 3rd baby. I've suffered to some degree since my periods started at age 11, and conception has not been fast, but it has happened. |'m now 29 and lucky enough to have a beautiful, healthy family. I would say that the one thing to make a real difference to me was losing weight. Although I've never really been significantly overweight, one Dr recommended that I aim to get right to the bottom of my healthy BMI (I usually hover in the top quarter of the healthy range). For me, that meant losing nearly 2 stone. My first baby was a surprise (when I was 17) but for my second I lost the weight (through a healthy diet and exercise, no mad fad thing) and fell pregnant within weeks of getting there, having been trying for over a year to conceive. This time round I lost the weight again (quite rapidly this time, following the Paleo diet, which has many similarities to the Endo diet) and again was pregnant within a few weeks of hitting the magic number.

I don't think I have Endo as seriously as some of the other ladies on here but this certainly worked for me. The Dr said that they don't know why it works, but there is a significant correlation between weight and rates of conception in ladies with polycystic ovaries.

I don't know what your weight is like, but this is a really good, natural thing to try if you want to, especially if it helps improve your eating/exercise as this will also help with the symptoms of your problems. It certainly worked for me.

PS. Stress is also a factor, most definitely. I had given up on getting pregnant both times I was trying to conceive before it actually happened. Making the decision to be as healthy as possible and letting nature take its course really helped me to relax and stop stressing over ovulation tracking (which I didn't realise would be probably affected by my odd hormones anyway) and obsessive pregnancy testing which inevitably made me miserable on a regular basis.

Good luck x

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I was success to get pregnant just in one month after using masahor gunam technique on facebook.


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