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Mirena and low mood

I've had a Mirena fitted 3 weeks ago during a lap. It was to control heavy periods but I have never felt so low, unmotivated, unable to concentrate, dizzy - frankly feeling on another planet. I'm not normally decisive but I've decided it's coming out on Thursday since the consultant told me it doesn't necessarily stem the endo. I'd much rather suffer the painful period that this constant drugged up state. Any one have any similar response. Most of my friends who have it swear by it and say it's radically improved their lives!

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I had the Mirena coil fitted twice. The first time I lasted 12 months, but had it removed due to low moods and weight gain, the second time, which was after I had my son, I only managed it for 4 months & had it removed. It didn't suit me at all, in fact anything progesterone based didn't! I have got some friends who got on with it fine, but you're not on your own feeling low on it!

I hope that you find something that suits you to help control heavy and painful periods.


Hi I'm on my 3rd and have been suffering terribly with low mood/depression. I've had this 1 in for 7 months now thinking its time to come out x


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