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After a laparoscopy


I had a laparoscopy back in sept. My consultant told me I had endometriosis. Since then I've had no medication eye or further referrals.

I'm tired all the time like to the point I fall asleep in my office during the day, the pain is unbearable, and all I seem to do is bleed, even when I go to the toilet in my stools.

What's the next step??

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Hello, did they burn or take any endo out while they did the laporoscopy, or was it just diagnostic, it's strange that nothing has been offered to you, did they tell you what stage and where the endo is,

I would go back to Gp and get referral back to gyne doc, good luck.


Get second opinion with endo specialist. Best of luck x


if I were u I would go to my GP and ask them to prompt some kind of contact. I had a laparoscopy in November and I got a letter through the post about a month later to say I have a follow up appointment in march. they need to let u know where u stand because if you're worrying about it it's probs making your pain worse. good luck love! I hope they get in touch with u soon! x


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