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Lost and need help

Hi all so today I went to see my gynae. I've been having endo symptoms ever since my first period. The doctor in the end was pretty useless. Refusing to do another op due to my age(15) and the fact ive already had a laparotomy and a laparoscopy. However I'm in constant daily pain! So her advice is that to go on the pill and take naproxen. As well as have a referral to a gastroenterologist. Can anyone help me figure out what's going on?😩

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I am sorry you were treated like that by the doc. It's just sad that some of those who are supposed to help us just mock instead.

Can you see another specialist?

I had similar troubles with my docs before I could even get a referral to see a gyne.

The thing is that pill can help but it depends on the severity of endo. I'm just thinking that considering your history and daily pain you could have a full blown endo by now.

It means that it might be a bit late for the pill to help your situation to improve.

If the specialist refuses to help despite your medical history and pain then you should file a complaint. Perhaps your age was the reason you were dismissed and that is not acceptable, it's discriminating.

Good luck!


I'm sorry to hear you're going through a tough time.

Are you wanting another op because you think there's endo remaining? I'm assuming they removed endo during your two previous ops.

Have they suggested your pain could be due to scar tissue/adhesions?

What about asking your gp to refer you to a pain management course to learn strategies on how to cope with the pain?

It's incredibly difficult to balance the number of surgeries as the more surgeries you have the more scar tissue and adhesions and maybe that's why they're bringing your age into it? That's not to say they're right to do so but I'm trying to think of a reason why to refuse you surgery other than your age.

You can seek a second opinion and there is a list of all the accredited specialist endo centres on the BSGE website -


Have you looked at the Endo UK website? They have templates you can print off such as a pain diary. You can fill this in and then show your GP or gynae so they can see it in black and white the pain you're in. Or you can present it to the gastroenterologist when you have that appointment - although not sure why you're getting that referral!

I'm really very sorry to hear you've been through so much at such a young age. Please know the Endo UK Helpline is free and confidential should you need someone to talk to -


Take care x


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