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Long-term pain relief - what holistic treatments work?

Hi everyone,

I hope you're all as pain free and comfortable as possible today.

I'm looking for some pain relief advice please - I was diagnosed with Endo five years ago and have had six ops since then, the most recent to detach my womb from my bowel and remove adhesions in December. Since then I have been on paracetamol, codeine and ibruprofen for the pain in addition to my regular prescription of amitriptyline, oxybutenin and hydroxyzine. To be honest I feel like I'm rattling and it doesn't really touch the constant pain.

I'm back at my consultant in March, but in the meantime was wondering if anyone could recommend any holistic treatments that have really worked for on-going constant pain, not just for a quick fix during treatment. Would reflexology or acupuncture work long term?

I know you ladies will understand how frustrating this pain can be and I’m desperately in need of some relief – my hot water bottle and meds just won’t cut it at the mo!x

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Hi there, it sounds like your pain is a lot worse than mine (I've got stage 4 endo but with little pain) but my experience of accupucture is not good, so I would do your research first.

I actually think accupucture made my endo worse. I went for around 10 sessions shortly after it was confirmed that my Fallopian tubes were clear, and then a lap 4 months later showed they were blocked. It may be a big coincidence, and nothing to do with the acupuncture at all - but I'm now very wary of it and won't be using it as a supplementary therapy when I start IVF.

On the flip side I've had a lot more success with supplements - specifically omega 3, linseed oil and a vitamin b complex. My periods are far less painful and I no longer spot before I come on.

Hope that helps.


Hi Footiemagpie,

I was wondering the exact same thing. My doctor even suggested trying acupuncture. I've heard really good things but, after reading SparklyT's reply, it clearly isn't for everyone.

I've recently had to start taking more pain relief and, while I'm on a few less pills than you, I feel much the same. I don't want to have to take all of these tablets, it's not natural and I don't like it. I feel a bit high when I take codeine, paracetamol and ibuprofen and while it's not a bad feeling, I can't really drive so it's still affecting my life.

Deffo going to give acupuncture a try, might splash out and try reflexology too. At least you get a bit of a foot massage with that, even if it doesn't really make any difference to the endo.

Good luck! Xx


Acupuncture helped me for a few years but I had to go weekly to get that benefit and now, with kids and working part time, I can't affort the time or money. :-(

Good luck


Hey, I have reflexology sessions in work, I don't find any difference to the endo but it is really relaxing which helps my overall mood for the day which can be a gear gelp since I can get really down with the pain and everything else that's comes with it! Hope this helps x


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