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really low, painful and tired.

Not sure what games endo is playing with my body at the moment ladies but does anyone think I should be concerned? 4 weeks ago a severe flare started up, I was not bleeding but i was in agony from my knees to my ribs and very faint. My blood pressure went down to 95/70 and i was signed off work for a week with tramadol and naproxen. The pains waxed and wained for the next 2 weeks and i've been bleeding on and off nearly every day since. I feel completely run dwn and weak. My already weak immune system has completely crashed and i managed to get a chest infection too so anti biotics arent helping with the bleeding as i know they can disrupt the pill. gaah! Its the third time my pills have been changed since my op. I was originally tri cycling ridgevidon after the op but bled for 10 days after 2 months both times it was tried, then i changed to celest which worked a charm for a whole tri cycle last time but now i'm all over the place

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Gosh I'm so sorry to hear that you're feeling that way, you poor thing :-(

I'm sorry I don't think I can help but sending you very best wishes to feel so much better really soon xx


thankyou lovely x


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