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Lap results?

I had my lap on Friday but when the consultant came to discuss it with me I was too sleepy and he said he would come to explain it later as I wouldn't remember anything. He didn't make it back to see me. I really want to know what was found! I was out for 2 hours but all it says on my discharge is "diathermy of pelvic endometriosis " . phoned his secretary who just sounded pissed off and told me he would write to me. I'm a lot sorer than I thought I would be and so exhausted. I feel like a total woose as everyone keeps telling me I should be on my feet by now! I'm a secretary myself so I know it might be ages before I hear anything :-( wish I had been more awake!!!! How long does it usually take to get results ?

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I hate this, can't beleive they can let you go home without knowing what they did and found, if you don't hear anything soon ring you GP, maybe they will get a letter before you. Hope it's good news. Xx


Had the same on Wednesday, just managed to get the registrar on the phone today. Don't worry if you feel rubbish for a while yet. You'll maybe bleed for a few days or more and cry lots, I am! It sounds like they have burnt some of yours away. That'll help symptoms for a while. Call again, you need an answer!


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