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Possible endometriosis-just need to talk to someone really??

Hi everyone, to cut a long story short I had my little girl 3years ago. I went back on the pill (I've been on some form of contraception since I was 16-now 29) and i started spotting. It turns out I was reacting badly to the microgynon pill and had a cervical ectropian. During the tests I had to discover this they spotted a number of cysts on my right ovary and said it might be PCOS and to see the doctor if I had problems conceiving again or other symptoms. To stop the spotting I came off the pill and discovered for the first time that my periods are very irregular (23 days to 78 but averaging 56). During my period it ranges from light to heavy and on occasion can be very painful but sometimes ok. I also always get a funny tummy and have been previously told.its probably ibs. Since then i've had another baby and now he's 6months I starting a period that just didnt stop! With it I've had bad pelvic pain which is so bad sometimes I just want to curl up on the sofa. I had another scan which showed nothing abnormal except it highlighted the cysts on my ovaries again. The doctor mentioned it could hormonal but also mentioned endometriosis. For now I've just been prescribed progesterone only pills but the more I read about endometriosis the more I think that might be what it is. The pelvic pain seems to ease off when I take the progesterone pills but if I take one late I can feel it creeping back again. I have also experienced pain during sex. Its not all the time but it can feel almost tender and bruised up on the right hand side (where the cysts are on my ovaries). Does anyone have experience with anything like this? From people that have been diagnosed does this sound like the things you have been suffering with? These pills might help the problem but I would really like to know what's causing it not just mask the symptoms!

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As you probably no after research, a laporoscopy is the only way to get a diagnosis for endometreosis, and the way to get this is to be referred to a gyne doctor, if you feel things are not right you should ask doc for referral, I have regular periods but have been experiencing almost daily pain in my pelvic area and back, legs, my periods are painfull, but not long or overly heavy, my gyne thinks it is endo or adenomyosis which is similar but the cells grow into the wall/lining of the uterus, I'm waiting for my lap to confirm and if found they will take away any that they can while there, good luck and congratulations on your second baby. Xxx


My journey is very similar (minus the children!) microgynon gave me an ectropion and I was recommended the mirena coil as an alternative. Unfortunately there seem to be so many hoops to jump through with getting a laparoscopy and they all focus around managing the symptoms like you say.

The mirena calmed the heaviness of my bleeding but the spotting never calmed down. GP suggested taking microgynon in addition to coil (I did ask if it was a good idea!) but nothing. Then I got a referral to gynae who said 3 months of Norethisterone which is progesterone based. That took the spotting away but did nothing for the pain. Now I'm finally on the list for a laparoscopy to have a look around.

The worst thing is that if one of the "treatments" had managed my symptoms I'm pretty sure they would send me on my way instead of looking at the actual problem.


I know what you mean! The tablet I'm currently on is norethisterone for 10days (3times a day). I've then got to come off that and start taking a progesterone only pill. They said fingers crossed that will control the bleeding. The bleeding has stopped day 4 of norethisterone but I'm worried it will come back when I change pills. Luckily the pelvic pain seems to ease off when the bleeding does but it is still there a bit so I dont think these tablets will ever make it go away. I never had the pelvic pain as bad as this before, just on and off. But as your hormones are messed up for up to a year after having a baby I'm wondering if this triggered it. It did start almost immediately after childbirth so I initially put it down to a post pregnancy thing. Hopefully my hormones will continue to settle and will help to calm it down eventually. I do seem to read about a lot of people with endo that react badly to hormone treatments like the pill etc. I have my fingers crossed that they get this sorted for you! X


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