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Can you get dla/ pip for endo/polycystic ovaries?

Hi girls. I'm 27 and had my first lap last week that confirmed iv stage 2 endometriosis on my womb and ovary, iv polycystic ovaries and some tissue from my bowel is stuck to my abdominal wall. I got the Mirena coil put in. Every month I get a ruptured cyst which in turn gives me a blood clot. I'm in so much pain all the time it's unreal. I can't keep taking pain meds as iv a 3 year old who's autistic and needs my full attention. I was just wondering if anyone knows if you can apply for disability living allowence/ pip with endo? Iv also been diagnosed with depression and panic disorder. It's not about money, I'm just not well enough to work. If I'm not in pain I'm exsausted with my wee boy. Can anyone help? Thanks ladies xx

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Hi, I'm sorry to hear your news, hopefully the coil will work for you and help with your pain, if you ring the benefit dept in your area they will arrange s meeting, I'm sure you are in tilted to something, do you have a partner? Because it does depends largely on the amount of money your household earns, there are other organisations that you can ring to get benefit quotes, go online a goggle them, I rang 1 myself a few weeks ago but can't recall the name, I've just lost my part time jib due to absence, but my husband earns and I wasnt intitled to anything, good luck.




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