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Sorry to be posting again. Had my 1st gynae appointment on Friday and hospital called today to say the want me in for an energancy lap. I go in on Monday as I have work commitments this week and kids to sort.

I am very worried! Why the hurry. I didn't expect it to be this fast.

Also I fly to America 10days after the Lap. Doctor said that is fine but I'm not sure??

Will I be ok 10days after?

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Hi Sam,

You poor lady, how stressful.

I am afraid I do not have an answer for you as to why the emergency lap, do you have the contact info for your surgeon? I would see if you can get some more info from the hospital on that.

In terms of flying ten days after, you should be fine by then, but get someone else to carry the bags!

Best of luck,


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Hi sorry to hear your news, I agree with Sam, you need to find out more about why it is so urgent as the not knowing will send your mind in panic over drive...

Also you need to know whether it will be diagnostic only or if if they will treat any endometriosis if they find it. I understand that if it is diagnostic only, recovery is a lot quicker.

I had my first laparascopy on 9th March (6 weeks ago) and I was told initially that I would be fine after 2 weeks, in reality after 2 weeks I could barely walk!! I am finally starting to return to normal and feel better but it wasn't until after the op that it changed as they carried out / treated a lot more than initially suspected, and the doctors have now said that 6 weeks recovery is normal.

Recovery time is different for everyone and depends what they are intending to do, so I think you need as much info as possible do you can be reassured that you can go to America and enjoy it. How long are you going for and what type of holiday is it?

Hope you can manage to contact your consultant and get some answers, please let us know how you get on. Easier said than done but try not to panic and just focus on getting the answers you need.

L x


I am going on a family holiday with my 2 kids. So it's a park, shopping, lots of walking holiday.

I have been told diagnosis only, at the gynae appointment on Friday and that's all I have signed consent to.

I didn't even see the consultant at my appointment it was just the student assistant. And when I asked this morning when they called the secretary asked the consultant that was on shift and he said I'd be fine to by the date I fly and the consultant will talk to me on Monday as they don't know yet who I am being operated by.

Nhs at its finest!!

I'm to busy trying to sort everything at the moment to worry which is good. Just confused.


Hi try not to panic. They may have even just had a cancellation and they're trying to fill the spot. You may have been one of many they asked as lots of women can't just drop everything at short notice! But obviously as others have suggested try to find out why to help put your mind to rest. Best wishes x

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Hi Sam - is the lap being done at the endo centre that your GP said you could only go to if it was severe endo?


No at the same hospital I went to on Friday. The one I sent you via private mail.

I have no idea who is doing it, I was told it would be one of three gynae surgeons.

I was moaning I wanted answers asap but I really didn't expect a lap so fast and I also don't actually know what's going on. I react bad to general, I keep saying this but they say its fine.


Hi Sam - then I don't think it will be an emergency as such, but they have clearly looked at your case and perhaps your GP has got things hurried up. Anyway I know they said they wouldn't do anything in terms of operating so as this is just a diagnostic lap let's hope it gets you to a proper specialist quicker. x


Hopefully Lindel.

I should be glad I'm not on a big waiting list especially since I'm like a balloon this week lol. Just very shocked and I don't like not knowing. It will be even better if they tell me it's not emdro.

I am Probably expecting too much ah!

Feeling calm now and I have sorted everything so I can rest for the 10days after (before travelling). So I now think I will be fine. I just pray to God they don't have to do anything or find anything drastic.

And if it is what it is expected to be I can ask to be refered to Edinburgh or Aberdeen once I am home from the states.

Thank you so much for Everyones help and advice. I Feel like a crazy person.


Let me know when you are up to itX


I thought I had short notice! I got two weeks notice haha! I hope that everything goes okay for you! And enjoy your holiday afterwards!! :) xx


They wanted me to go in this week but I couldn't just go.

I have 3 jobs and 2 kids to sort out plus the hospital is over an hour away from my home so would need someone to take me in and home.

Glad I have a holiday after all this strss lol


Do you have room in your suitcase? Lol i could do with a holiday! Xx


God u poor thing i feel terrified an havnt even go an ap yet.

Please let me know how u get on iv got a hol booked for july wn been panicibg i wont b able to go xxxx


Hun, call the hospital and let them know about your holiday, they'll probably give you an appt either before or after xx


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