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Time off work

Hi, I am 30 years old and I have been diagnosed endometriosis.

Since 12 years old I am suffering horrible pain during my cycle...

The specialist funded a 5 cm cyst in my ovary and refered me for a laparoscopy.

I had to take one day off of my work because I felt in really severe pain this month. I am worry about that... I am Spanish and I don't know if here in UK you need a letter of the doctor if you take time off for this condition.

Thanks very much!

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Hi there sorry you are suffering

I think you can self certificate for up to seven days sick so no doctors note needed for that.

If however you have more than seven days off sick in a block you will need to get a certificate from a doctor.i think this correct .hopefully getting your ovary sorted might help fingers crossed xx

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yes mine is after 7 days a doctors fit note - although many employers still have own agreements as when they pay you. Mine is bradford factor rolling year and set a score at 150 so okay if only off once but as it multiplies each time only 2-3 occurences - hope yours is better xx


Many thanks girls! I have my laparoscopy on June and I have to take one week off... I have spoke with my manager and she toldme that she is going to try that for that time off the company pay me 100% of my salary, seems that it depends of the company! How is possible? :S I thought you were always cover in case of operation...

Thanks for your responds!


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