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Tomorrow is my lapascopy (new initiative doing some day surgeries on a Saturday) to confirm or dismiss if I have endometriosis. I just don't know what to expect. And what to do if they don't find anything as I have been told only half of people having the lapascopy find endometriosis. Any advice about how to prepare myself would be greatly appreciated as I'm really nervous. Thanks

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  • Hi, I havnt had my lap yet still waiting for a date, but I no exactly how you feel, it's sort off the last thing to check, if nothing is there, what next, I'm actually excited about having it done, and that sounds strange even to me let alone others that don't understand what an impact this almost daily pain is having on mine and my family's life, good luck tomorrow, are they going to remove if they find anything? Let us no how you get on, xx

  • That's exactly it! I feel like if they don't find anything then I have just been a wimp when actually I'm in so much pain but it's hard to get that over to folk. Yeah if it's not a large amount but if they find a large amount it means a bigger op. Thank you for replying! I will let you know xx

  • Good luck with your operation tomorrow! I hope it goes well. If you're a sicky person ask for anti sickness drugs because anethetic can make u feel sick. Take plenty of rest too. Make sure you take a pillow for the car journey on way home to put across your tummy to help the impact of jiggling around. Get painkillers in and laxatives because u may be constipated. U might also want peppermint tablets or windease because they inflate your tummy leaving u gassy which is uncomfortable. Any other questions please just ask. I had my fourth lap Monday so been through it all before x good luck and let us know how u got on xx

  • Wow I didn't know all the things I need to get. Need to get to the shops lol. Thank you. I wish I had looked up this forum weeks ago. Feel so much better being able to share my fears without folk saying "you'll be fine" lol. I will do thanks so much

  • It's great for support on here. Often when you look on the Internet it's so vague. Depending on what they do will depend on your recovery time. I don't know many people who are fitting fit after a couple of days as detailed in the info on line. Most people take a couple weeks off work. Even if u feel ok on the outside your insides can be bruised.

    Take a magazine or something to do whilst you wait. Also, I always do all my house work, change the bedsheets etc before because u won't feel like bending etc. I always wear big comfy knickers and buy myself new pj's in a size bigger so it doesn't press on my tummy. Take a dressing gown and slippers too so u can keep warm and your modesty when u have your gown on. Take an over night bag with toothbrush etc just in case u have to stay over. I have done three out of four times because I'm always sick.


  • Haha I have just finished all my housework and caught with all my washing so my hubby doesn't have too much to ;) ok that's great advice. I really don't know what I should take with me (clothes wise). 4 lapascopys that must be so draining!

    Such a stupid question, but in terms of bra I can just wear a normal one? Can I just leave the hospital wearing my pjs? I have already said to my husband that one of his hoodys is mine haha but I was going to wear Cantbury joggers to go home cos I can wear them low? Should I get something that will sit over my stomach instead?

    I have been told by the consultant that I will need to be off work for 2 weeks as I'm a nursery nurse working with babies. But my work are really supportive and if I need more time then I can have it. I have never ever been in hospital before! Lol xx

  • I agree with other replies, itan make you feel very sick when you wake up , also I had very bad chest pain and pain in my shoulders and abdomen like a crushing feeling , due to them having to blow you up with air , mine lasted a few days, truthfully I was really quite sore after, and simple things very quite hard to do and sore for me , coughing was very painful, however , it is short lived and within a week your pretty much back to normal with just a little tenderness around your wounds , they glued mine I don't know if they do this for everyone ? It isn't nice but it isn't unbearable either and worth it if you can find a solution to your problems , they were almost convinced I didn't have endo my only symptom was intercourse pain, yet when they had a look I did, my consultant told me if you have mild - medium endo they tend to remove it there and then, if it is bad and bits are fused and cysts and lots of other bits are found they generally wake you up and discuss your options first, they removed mine at the time. I was extremly nervous , but it isn't as terrifying as you might think, I couldn't even remeber going to sleep! Plenty of rest is essential , and anything to entertain yourself while waiting , magazine, phone, tablet ect . Afterwards I felt a bit silly for being so nervous ! :) Also comfortable clothing, and you will probably experience some bleeding after so comfortable underwear for when you go home and lots of fizzy drinks Hells83bells has pretty much covered it! I seriously doubt you will be able to even get jeans on or anything like that so yes joggers are your friend! Definately something you can wear under the cuts not over ,And bra wise you will have to take everything off before your op, they will probably give you disposable knickers, and you probably won't get dressed until you go home and a normal bra will be fine :) as for the time off see how you feel everyone is different , Goodluck and don't worry yourself too much :) x

  • Thank you all so much for the detailed advice. I literally had no idea what to expect.

    The only other thing is will they tell me tomorrow if I have it or not or is that another appointment? Xx

  • They do say there is no correlation between the amount and the pain. You can have a small amount and it still causes you a lot of pain. It all depends on where on your body it is and what its attached to xxx good luck x

  • Ah I see. Gosh I should of done more reading up on this. Thank you xxx

  • Sorry I didn't pain after op. I meant the pain it's giving you now. Just because you have a lot of pain now doesn't mean they will find lots of endo so try not to worry x

  • Trying not too but as tomorrow morning gets closer I'm getting a more anxious lol xx

  • They will take it out if it is mild if extreme or complicated they will most likely leave it and wake you up to discuss options, that Is if you do have endo, but up or down they will tell you if you do have it, and then you will be sent a letter for a follow up appointment a few months after x depends on their findings x

  • Hi ladies, sorry didn't reply sooner I have been digesting the information from Saturday.

    When we first got there my husband had to leave me and call at half 12 to see how I was. I didn't want to let him go haha

    Surgery when fine I felt fine after. When I woke up and looked at my tummy I saw I only had two cuts, I thought ok I don't have it now I need to think how I will manage the pain. Wrong! The doctor came and spoke to me about the findings, (no husband with me ?) they had found a significant amount and now I have to go for a MRI and a bigger op. I can't remember much more as it was only hour from when I first woke up lol

    I don't know how I feel as I'm glad I have an answer but we haven't got any children just now so that's a worry even though my husband said we could get a puppy haha.

    I'm going to call the doctors secretary today to fill in the gaps I have.

    Generally I feel fine, tummy button cut is the sorest and yesterday and this morning I have been sick lol is this normal. Sorry quite a long winded reply xx

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