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2nd Opinion

Hi Ladies

I had a laparotomy last year in May for severe endometriosis. i went on the pill back to back for 3 months and went back to ttc after that. today i have been told it is back and quite bad and need to have a laparoscopy. do you think i should just wait for ivf ( should get referred tomorrow but know it will take months) or should i have the laparoscopy. should i get a 2nd opinion from another consultant? please advise me, have been tttc for over 2 years now

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Hi hun I would get advice from your consultant. I would imagine they would advice you to have your lap before IVF because you need all your bits in as tip top condition so u can before having IVF. Let us know how u get on x

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I had an appt with my consultant yesterday and she said from a fertility point of view lap will not make any difference and i should only have it done for pain- which isn't bad at all


Agh thank you for replying. That's really interesting. It's all so confusing. I'm suprised by that to be honest because for example by lap revealed by ovary was fused to my stomach wall ( this didn't show up on the scan) and they said this maybe affecting my fertility. I hope your IVF goes well for you. Xxxx thank u for replying as it's all helpful to know for people like myself who are different stages x

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