15 Years Old and in need of advice

Hi everyone! I just found this site and so glad I did. I've been having some problems which I think may all be connected to endometriosis but wondered if you could all help me. So in March 2014 i began to suffer with unbearable stomach pains which sent me to the hospital. I underwent a laparotomy which removed a 10cm torted ovarian cyst from my left ovary. 4 weeks later I was in pain again so went back to gynae consultant. Then I under went a laparoscopy which was to remove adhesions pulling my organs upwards. Since then I have been battling with times of chronic pain throughout the year with never any full relief. I also suffer with my bowels as a lot of the time I am constipated or completely the opposite! As of this moment I know I have currently got a 4cm ovarian cyst on my right ovary which is growing at quite a high speed. I know I am young but do you think this could be endometriosis? If so can you help? Sorry for the long message x

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  • Hello

    Wow I'm so sorry you are suffering like this at such a young age. If you had a laparoscopy they should have told you if you had endometriosis , as the procedure you had of removing adhesions sounds like it. I also suffer with cysts on the ovaries and this can cause great pain especially when they twist! This can happen around ovulation time too. Can I advise you to keep a health diary of your symptoms as this will help you to show this to your doctor as it's hard to remember sometimes. I would make an appointment with your doctor and ask what removal of the adhesions meant ? And if it's endo . Can you take an parent or other adult with you ?

    The constipation could be due to pain killers you are taking. Research this on the Internet and this site to explain. For this boots sell syrup of figs which will help you and is natural. I think endo can effect your bowels especially around period time , again keep notes as the more you tell the doctor it's easier for them to diagnose.

    Let me know how you get on .


  • It sound exactly like endo! Ask your doctor and gynae. You have the right to read your notes hun.

  • Ahh so sorry you are going through this. Good advice above. If you get referred back to the hospital, ask your GP to refer you to a specialist Endometriosis Consultant rather than a general gynae. This is because gynaes tend to have many strings to their bows with endo being just an add on to a wide spread of gynae subjects. Obviously some do go on to make endo their speciality but then they are generally referred to as an Endo consultant rather than a gynae. There are also specialist centres for endo. Endo UK have details on their website of these specialist centres.

    All best wishes to you and this site is great for support. x x

  • Thankyou all for the reply. Forgot to mention above that I am on Movicol sachets twice a day and have been for around 7 months to try and relieve my constipation however it is not very reliable. I do have a supportive family but my doctors have given up looking into different things, and sometimes I feel it is because they look at my age before my symptoms. Is there anyway you could see an endo specialist without being referred through GP? Thankyou for your help so far! It's great to know there are people to help xxx

  • Hi I have never been sexually active and only recently began my periods these last few days. I have been tested for both of those conditions and results have been negative! I have also had an endoscopy and colonoscopy which revealed nothing but a blocked bowel x

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