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Blood stains

Hi ladies,

Hope your all well.

I was hoping someone could give me a miracle cure for blood stained sheets. I didn't realise this morning as it was dark, so have come home and found the dried stains on our 1 week old white sheets and new mattress (typical hey!).

So far I have only tried using bleach wipes because I can't take the sheet off until tomorrow, I just was hoping someone knew how to get these off as I'm really thinking a normal wash won't do the job?

Emma xx

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I would simply soak the sheets in a saline solution and then a wash with a biological detergent like ariel

as for the mattress a strong salt solution rubbed in then borrow a vax carpet washer or maybe a steam cleaner

Suggest you buy a decent quality mattress protector for the future


Salt is fab at getting out blood! X


White hand soap is amazing! It lifted out red wine stain on the front of my white wedding dress! Also bicarbonate of soda is good too. X


Ace bleach work on blood

Try that


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I have problems monthly with blood. Over the years, I found vanish soap and only cold water (not any of the vanish gels or vanish powders, only the soap) , to be the best way to remove both wet and dried blood. (I even take vanish soap on holiday with me, and have had to use it, my problem is so bad).

Unfortunately, this vanish soap doesn't work with hot water, or after it has been through a wash, you need to catch the stain before hot water and/or before a machine wash occurs.

It takes a bit of hard scrubbing, cold rinses, more rubbing, more cold rinses, etc. You will see the stain diminish till it disappears in total after a good 2 to 3 full minutes of scrubbing and rinsing. However it is gentle on clothes, and to date it has only restored my underwear, trousers, sheets, etc., it has never ruined any of my stained items further.

I hope this helps anyone else with a similar problem. I don't remember who put me onto it, but they have saved me a fortune over the years.

Note: If your bleeding remains excessive and a problem, please see a GP and asked to be checked for Endometriosis.



Thanks for the information :) Unfortunately i have washed the sheet several times, with vanish powder instead. Its actually come out alright, but i will definitely keep your idea in mind now i have one that seems to work and thats easy!!

Excessive bleeding has always been a problem for me, and thankfully (well not thankfully, but glad i know whats finally going on with my body) i got diagnosed a year ago with Endometriosis!

Thanks for all your advice :)

Emma x


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