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Ugh Endo!

I have Endo and I'm in pain everyday. It's like deep pain inside me and some days are worst than others, but the pain is always there. I might get a few hours without this dull ache if I'm lucky and it's really gets flared up when my bladder is full. Or even if I'm stressed or what I eat I flare up. I wee more than I normally do too :( I'm 24 how am I suppose to work and keep a job with this constant pain in my womb? I try to act like everything is okay, but mentally this is taking a toll me. Pretending the pain is not there going on with everyday life is a struggle! I'm tired of my body malfunctioning. Sigh pray for me please my life is in shambles! God bless ^_^

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I'm sorry you are going through this... my situation is very similar...

I have pain everyday it just varies in strength. I got to the point where it all just got on top of me and a cracked.... have been off work for 4 weeks and my pay is now going down to half so had to go back. Yesterday was my 1st day back and my matron has asked me to seriously think about taking my leave and going off. Yesterday was such a struggle even on lighter duties....

I cried twice at work because all in wan to do it get on with my life but simple tasks drain me and a 10 hour shift stresses me out... came home and crashed on the sofa. I have become so angry, feel like I am being cheated of my life and I just want it back I'm not as young as you, I'm 36 so I have been lucky enough to have kids etc... but looking back in have had issues since I started my periods at the age of 10!

And it caused me such problems in my twenties and I was ignored and fobbed off by the GPs for many years.

I have no advice on how to feel better as I just don't know where to turn... but thought I would reply to let you know you are not alone and it's normal t feel how you are and allowed! What we are going through sucks! You need to go back to the Gp and get some emotional support as well as a plan of action. I have one now and although it will still be a while before I get my treatment needed I have a light at the end of my tunnel.

I hope your day is a good one today with not too much major pain... you can get through this and are stronger than you give yourself credit for. I'm now talking to a councilor and have found her breathing techniques helping to remain calm, take stock and just breath... look up mindfulness techniques and diaphragmic breathing. Maybe some meditation too.... never believed in this stuff before... but find now that it's helping...

Good luck xxxx


I'm so sorry for you and annoyed at the same time at your GP, what is he/she doing about it. There are ao many options to assist you have you been prescribed anything at all.. I'm older than you but went through the same thing as I was diagnosed approx at 24 after suffering for over 2-3 years and had doctors fib me off with all types of guess work and medication to match.

In the end it was my dad that marched me back down to the doctors demanding I saw a consultant ASAP... I did see a consultant in double quick time who diagnosed me but then I had to have emergency open surgery as it was the adhesions that were sticking to my other organs and around the womb that were causing the excruciating pain, this can be done via keyhole now and you can be back at work pretty quick..,

Have you been told what exactly is causing you the pain? Have or are you on any medication? are you under any consultant care?

You shouldn't be suffering like this there are solutions to assist...

Please don't give up go back to your GP and put in the pressure - I'll lend you my dad but he's elderly now not sure he has the same fire in him tummy lol...

Keep updating on your progress.



Hi you're symptoms sound identical to mine. So I understand completely what you are going through I am presently sat deciding if I'm going to have a good day or a bad day again ( I'm on day 8 of extremely painful period) :-(

Mentally it does take its toll having to carry on regardless of your pain levels, the lack of sympathy from those who wouldn't know a period pain if it bit them on the bum!! All women have it what's your problem..........

I would advice you but feeling exactly the same as you mentally and physically it's not possible but knowing other people understand helps tremendously xxx


I hear ya! Glad to know I'm not alone arthritis pain relievers is what I usually take at work much stronger then Tylenol and helps the pain not seem so intense


Endometriosis pain is very frustrating and can affect our lives in so many ways!

Here are a couple articles with some tips for trying to manage endo pain:



Maybe some of them will work for you! I found heat to help a bit--either soaking in the tub or using a heating pad.



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