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Endo symptoms?

Hi, I'm booked in for a laproscopy on Friday but still unsure whether to go through with it or not. I'm interested to know what people's symptoms of endometriosis are? As i don't want to go through with a Laproscopy if it's not. I'm so undecided on what to do and also the risks associated with Laproscopy.

The gynaecologist thinks it's unlikely to be endometriosis as she thinks it's unusual for it to develop so late on, I'm 33. Thanks in advance.

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hi Lou-i-ja,

I am in the same position - undecided about lap pros and cons and risks. I am 48 and developed a sore back 3 years ago. An MRI showed an ovarian cyst ( a 'chocolate' cyst is suspected).

I have avoided the knife for 3 years but my back pain goes on and is often sorer on the cyst side.

I have asked to see my gyny again and am thiking about a diagnostic lap - though I wish I could avoid it. I may well be in menopause within a year or two (?)

Let us know.



I think you can be diagnosed at any age - I was diagnosed at 32.

What are your symptoms? Prior to diagnosis I had pain as the main symptom then cysts on ultrasound.


I only developed endo at 34 after coming off the pill. I had terrible back pains, a sharp pain by my right hip and awful pulling pains in my tummy which were worse when I ovulated and really low pelvic pain (although I think this last one relates to suspected IC.) I had a lap 4 weeks ago and feel such an improvement in all pains apart from the lower pelvic pain so am awaiting further tests for the IC.


My main issue was really painful ovulation which led to me being referred to a gynaecologist, I have had ultrasounds and MRI no cysts or anything showing up in those. I also get painful periods, my bowels are worse during period, general pelvic pain and bloating at times. And occasional sharp shooting pains. But this could all just be normal.


I have only just found out I have it at 41 always had "bad" periods but bearable . About 6 months ago sudden bad pains on left side suddenly hardly able to do anything have lost lots of weight uncomfortable to eat sit walk its been awful as I self employed and normally pretty fit and strong although now I know I have endo other symptoms I've had make sense 😳 Lap , first one a month ago I have endo on bowel and near bladder which has but removed and caught it before it has gone though wall and also have Adenomyosis which means I have a swollen painful uterus pushing on my bowel and bladder too so may need a hysterectomy . I wasn't sure about lap as have had my kids at home and pretty scared about going in hospital like most people really 😀 For me glad I did as now I know what I am dealing with as ultrasound sigmoidoscopy showed nothing. The cuts have healed pretty quick I still in quite a lot of pain because of the adenomyosis but actual op was ok .


That's good to hear that it wasn't as bad, sorry to hear about all your problems though must be horrible for you, hope you get some relief soon. I think I have built it up in my head to be worse then it is, I too have 2 young children 3 & 6 so worrying about that, and my husband is going away following week.


No it is stressful thing I totally understand i was super worried and pretended I wasn't and I single so went on my own. My friend came in when I came around which was really nice. But nice to know what it is that is causing problem and although I probably gonna have hysterectomy now that I even more scared about , 😊at least they've got the endo off my bowel so it's doesn't get worse but uterus already swollen and sore so not a lot can be done with that, I can cope with my symptoms most of the time but this last year not really , so it quality of life too that I hoping for if I do have hysterectomy , wish there was another option though. 😖😖😖😖😖😖 anyway lots of people here get a lot of relief after lap and feel a lot better , I think after a week I was moving around house fine for cooking and light housework just lots of rest and easy cooking. although my boys are 15 and 18 so in theory they should be able to do everything and look after me 😂😂😂😂😂 think I should have trained them better they were sweet though💗💗💗💗💗💗 good luck on Friday just stock up food and nap when you can be really kind to yourself.


I recently had laproscopic surgery whilst away from home on the other side of the world living in university halls! It was incredibly scary but so completely worth it! I've had problems with my periods from when they started when I was 10 and for the past couple of years I thought I had endometriosis but doctors just laughed at me! The laproscopic surgery could have found nothing so it was a risk but it was one I'm so glad they took as they also found a cyst as well as severe endometriosis! I was given a week off uni to heal and I've found the whole experience was a lot better than I thought! Even if they hadn't found anything I would have had piece of mind! One thing I've learnt in my research of endomestriosis is that it can start at anytime, or start to show symptons at anytime! Sometimes people with severe have no symptoms but people who have a small amount have severe! If you know you have a cyst as well I would definitely say surgery is a good idea! For me it's massively helped and I know now I will most likely have to have it again in about 4 years and probably again after that! Wishing you all the best!


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If you're booked for a lap I would take it, your symptoms sound very much like Endo and are not 'normal'. It's important to get it dealt with as the disease progresses it can cause damage to all organs in the abdominal cavity. They will look around for other issues as well when in there, it's best to rule Endo out if poss or have treatment. Risks are pretty minimal, a diagnostic lap is very routine and only keyhole surgery. If nothing is found you will be back to normal within about 3wks. A lot of women aren't diagnosed until post menopausal when having a hysterectomy for other reasons - I've seen this with two ladies in hospital, neither had a lot of symptoms but had extensive disease requiring treatment, likewise some people with mild Endo can have intense pain etc. Symptoms correlate to where the Endo is not how bad it is.


I was the same. I had my laparoscopy on Friday and when I was in the anesthetic room I actually said "oh I've changed my mind I don't think I'm going to have this done". In the end I went through with it and I'm glad I did.

It's the only way to find out for certain what's going on inside.

Good luck with what you decide to do xx


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