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Hysterectomy due to endometriosis

Hi girls been a while since I posted anything. ....I've just had a total hysterectomy and 3 inches of my small bowel removed due to sever endo I had this done on the 5th Nov 2014 ..... so far so good I'm getting the dreaded hot flushes so the Dr started me on primera hrt now that didn't suit me at all it reacted with my antidepressants which I've been on since my husband left me after 16yrs in 2013 (another story) they made me have really bad mood swings.

So now the Dr wants me to start on these patches. .....an after this long post all I would like to know have any of u been on the patches and what is yr experience with them. Thank u so much girls all the best for 2015......clare

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