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I'm on the list for laposcopy,

Hi ladies, I went to my appointment yesterday, I'm so pleased with the way it went, I had a lovely male gyne doc who actually mentioned the 2 dreaded words before I had too, he thinks it probably is either endometriosis or adenomyosis, he offered me injections or said I could go straight for lap, due to hormone imbalances in the past I've opted for the lap, I also think if it's there then let's get as much out as possible, then I will try any thing, waiting list is around 2/3 months, finally I've got my doctor, xxx

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It's great when someone who knows what they're talking about finally recognises your problem. I hope the wait's not too long and they are able to help you surgically. Good luck xx


Hi, I really hope it works out for you. One piece of advice for the op someone gave me once that I was very glad to have been told is when they do the lap they use some gases to help them and these get trapped in your body cavity. Then weirdly the gas ends up in your shoulders! So if you wake up with pain in your shoulders, this is why. Unfortunately there is only one way for the gas to come out. The usual way......! Peppermint tea helps with this too.

Good luck!!

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Hi, thanks for your replies, xxx


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