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Hi Ladies, I've just recently had a laparoscopy to clear adhesions from my pelvic cavity, I've had ureteric stents inserted which will stay in for another 2weeks and I'm finding it really hard to cope. I'm constantly running to the toilet and am still weeing blood which I've been advised is normal but I constantly feel as though I need to go especially when standing. It hurts when I do go for a wee especially at the final trickle. Does anyone have any experience of stents? I haven't been given any info and don't know how I'm going to last another 2weeks !!

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It sounds like you may have a bladder infection I would do a sample and take it to be checked sounds like cystitis and wouldn't be surprised as you have stents in good luck. Xx


Hi Yazza, thanks so much for yourreply. Have you ever had these stents? I finally managed to get through to the nurse at the clinic and she said everything I have described is normal and due to the stents. To be honest, I'm not sure I would even know if I had an infection. Would you normally feel feverish with a urine infection? I'm going to top up on cranberry juice just in case. I can't have the stents out yet as I've had quite extensive surgery and apparently the stents are protecting my kidneys.


Hi Yazza,

I had a laparotomy last year and as part of my surgery had ureteric stents inserted. I was exactly the same - constantly rushing to the loo, sensation of always needing to pee and I had blood in my urine for about a week. I was lucky enough to have my stents removed after 9 days but I did experience pretty much all of your issues until the stents come out. I moaned loads to the nurses and they advised drinking plenty of water..which of course just sends you rushing to the loo! If it's any consolation after the stents are removed - the relief is amazing :-))



Thanks Drakesie, good to know all is normal. My appointment vto have them removed was originally this Friday but been told by surgeon that I need to wait another couple of weeks. Can't wait !! Finding it hard to drink loads as constantly feel like I'm going to pee myself.


No I haven't had them but I know ppl that have I would do a urine dip test at the doctors just to rule it out and yes especially if you have a temperature that's another good indication...

If no infection is found just tell them that you can't bear it any longer. Xx


Thanks Yazza, will definitely go if I start feeling feverish. Will see how I go. Xx


Hi. I had stents fitted during my hysterectomy. I'd say everything you are experiencing is normal unfortunatly, although I think it is worth being checked to see if you have a UTI. I came home from hospital on a friday and went to my gp on the monday because of how often I was needing to pee and it hurting, and I had a uti. I think the stents do cause the symptoms you are describing but so does a uti.

I hated having my stents in so I know how you feel. The only advice i can give is to try and distract yourself so that you aren't constantly thinking about needing a wee. I know it was all I could think of, so I read quite a bit or watched a good film, and it did manage to take my mind of it for a while.

Having the stents out is very quick. For the first 24 hours after removal I did feel like I might have another uti but by the end of the following day I was fine and weeing normally.

Good luck xx


Thanks EmmaClair, I think you and Yazza are right and I should get checked just in case. Will book an appointment at gp first thing.

I thought I'd stopped weeing blood but now it's started again and I'm trying hard not to think about going for a pee all the time, just manages to get through 2hours without going while my neighbour was round and then soon as she left and I got up, I almost got caught short and had to run !!


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