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Am absolutely discusseded that in this day and age that women are still suffering with this awful condition. My advice to you all would be :1. Ask to be referred to an Endo specialist as many gynaecologists don't know what they are dealing with. 2. always have faith in yourself as it is your body and no one knows it better than you

3. Fight for what you believe and never be fobbed off. Good luck ladies and stay strong. Yes I am talking from experience as had a total hysterectomy 15 years ago and have spent the last two years in constant pain. Had a lap done on 22/12/14 where my specialist found my bowel had moved and attached it self to bladder and stomach. Also adhesions and lots of scar tissue found. All sorted while he was in there and am now hopefully recovering slowly. So please ladies fight your corner it's your body and you know best. Good luck and I wish you all well. Xxx

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Good advice there - I hope you are feeling better.


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