Endo doctors/specialists - who would you recommend?

Hi ladies

I hope you're all OK.

I was just wondering who of you have had good experiences with your gynae/endo specialist, and if you had a good experience who was your doctor and what area of the country do they work in?

Thought this might be useful for other ladies who are looking for good gynae doctors too

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I can thoroughly recommend Mr Alfred Cutner who is based at UCL in London. He is excellent both surgically and personally and has so much experience and knowledge of endo. He is so clear and patient at explaining things and answering your questions. He also has excellent colleagues in colorectal and urology that he works closely with if necessary. I was referred to him (privately) by my consultant at my local hospital and finally feel that after 2 years my issue has been properly sorted out. I can't speak highly enough of him.

i am thinking of going to see endo specialist in birmingham will keep you informed x

Dr James English in Brighton is great really helped me.

Dr Duncan Irons in the north east, Durham, Washington and in Newcastle. He has 2 private practices - Spire Washington and Nuffield Newcastle and also works for NHS at University of North Durham Hospital. I'm under his care now after one consultation privately and since I couldn't pay for full treatment privately, he transferred me to NHS and its the best experience I've ever had with a doctor. Not only is he a specialist in endo, he also specialises in Laparoscopies, which is perfect for me, and when I rang his secretary with a query it only took him a day to ring me himself - I've never had any doctor ring me personally - which I was very happy with. I'm now waiting for my lap on the 17th and its only took 2 month from first meeting him to my lap and then gnrh agonists and hopefully freedom from this. I hope this helps someone out and I recomend him to anyone, he is an hours drive away from me but its worth it to know your in good hands.

Mr Irons is great :) i have to agree. He done my lap, and endometrial ablation back in Jan this year. A very kind caring man who deffo knows his stuff. I also had about 45-60 min drive away, but again worth it. I would advise anyone to go there and i have done x

oh i also had this done on nhs not private as could not afford. I just took his info (i researched and found him) to my gp and asked to be referd to see him, was as simple as that x

Anthony Griffths at Innermost Secrets, Spire Cardiff- excellent!

Hi, new to this site, you recommend Anthony Griffiths Spire Hospital I am currently trying to research a consultant to carry out my second operation for endo. NHS waiting list is soooooo long they have informed me that April next year will be the soonest I will be seen which is rubbish have done everything they have told me to do in terms of pain management can not take anymore pain so have decided to look into private.

I just what the best Doctor to carry out the operation as the cost is not going to be cheap and hope the outcome will have some effect this time. What procedure did Anthony Griffiths do for you and any feed back on what he is like.

Thanks very much for you time any info would be very helpfulxx

I had a complicated polyp removal, fertlity advice, several scans and generally excellent advice and bedside manner. I'm part of an endo support group in Cardiff and know several women there who have had laps with Mr Griffiths and think he's great. I had my lap with Richard Penketh, who works closely with TG but I wouldn't go with him.

hello just read your post.was he good?im thiking to see him (richard penketh) in private dont know how much would be cost?still wating for nsh appointment dont know when?.hope you can give me some advice thanks

James English has been very good for me and my own GP uses him so he must be good.

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