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Horrific mid-cycle pain


I'm new here, joining quickly in a desperate attempt for advice so apologies if I post in the wrong place etc.

I am 32. Diagnosed with mild endo 8 years ago & moderate endo 3 years ago (obviously had got worse). Periods have always been bad, very painful etc, the norm for an endo sufferer.

2013 we had IVF which enabled us to have our baby boy. I never got a sniff of a positive pregnancy test naturally, presumably due to the endo.

Here is where it gets weird. Post-pregnancy, so I'm under the impression my endo will have 'shrunk' & will be less painful. Sure enough, periods much much less painful. But from the first month I ovulated after giving birth - AGONY. Agony every single month from cycle day 12-16/17 (I ovulate on day 16 with 30 day cycles). Pain is both sides, very low (ovaries I presume). Horrendous pain every month without fail & I ended up in hospital overnight on Christmas Day last week, vomiting, nausea, morphine etc.

The pain isn't 'sharp' as many women describe ovulation pain. It is deep, deep cramping. Prior to giving birth I never felt myself ovulate once.

I just don't understand. Is this my endo suddenly flaring up mid-cycle ? And why ? So confused & miserable.

Am going private for a 3rd laparoscopy. Am hoping I can get in quickly before I ovulate next month as I'm so terrified of the pain next month again :(


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Hi I suffered from mid cycle pain, there is a condition but I can't remember the name (it is German sounding!) which causes pain when you ovulate. However when I started getting the pain I was also referred for a scan and they discovered endometriomas on one of the ovaries - not 100% certain what was causing the pain in the end but think it was prob the endo. I also used to get flu type symptoms the day before my period, at first I thought I actually had a virus of some sort but when it was every month I realised it wasn't - I would be shivering and achy all over, glands hurting and totally exhausted. I hope you get it sorted soon, the pain I had was horrendous and I made many a trip to our primary care here in the middle of the night in total agony. You may find that buscopan will help - I know they gave it to me in a&e when I had maxed out the pain killers at home (paracetamol and morphine -I'm allergic to iboprofen and nurofen). Good luck x


Mine all started with burning pain on one side around ovulation. It was my main symptom. My cycles also changed from 1 week on every 3 weeks to being on for 2 weeks every 2 weeks. The pain is now most days and I've developed kidney pain.

I was convinced that it would be on my ovary due to location but they found it on my bladder in my recent lap.

Will be having a follow up soon where possibly get referred to urology.



From ovulation pain (called mittelschmerz) until about two days after the end of my period I am in fluctuating levels of pain. At the moment I am literally writhing about in pain. It's about two days since I ovulated. I have literally no idea what to do with myself, so I can completely understand how you're feeling. I really want to go and sit in A&E and cry but that won't be very helpful for anyone, least of all the poor folk working in A&E. It just hurts so much.

Sorry this isn't particularly constructive help or advice. Please feel free to message me if you want to chat xxx


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