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Endo Diet ?

Hi all , I have both endo and polycystic ovaries. I had a lap 11 months ago but since then have been told that the endo has come back. I'm constantly in agony. I was offered the coil as they don't want to give me another lap yet because of my age (22) however they think it's my only other option . I've decided against the coil and have read about the endo diet. Have any of you tried this ? And has it worked for you ? Also can anyone suggest any vitamains that could help ? Really want to try this naturally before another op.

Thanks xx

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Hello :)

(background on me so you know where I am coming from: I am 24 and have stage 3/4 endo, adenomyosis and interstitial cystitis. I have had 2 laps and had the coil put in June 2014)

I have tried, and am still on, the endo diet and can honestly say it has made a huge difference for me. This is a link to a brilliant website that is a good introduction and it also talks about vitamin supplements that are beneficial too (http://www.endo-resolved.com/). The author of the website also has a couple of books out (I recommend the latest version) that contain recipes for the endo diet and although they do take a lot of getting used to, I have found it has really improved my pain, fatigue and mental state too. I do still have days where I have some foods on the banned list (chocolate being my main weakness) but I can tell at once that it is no good for me as I get a really achey stomach nearly immediately that goes on to full blown cramps. The endo diet has also hugely improved my endo-related acne.

Like you I really didn't want to go on the coil however, it has honestly been the best decision I have made in terms of my endo. I used to bleed for 3 weeks per month and couldn't leave the house for one of those weeks due to pain and heaviness of flow but I have now got my life back. I am a mature student at uni and have had one day off sick in the last 6 months which wasn't for endo, it was because I had a particularly nasty cold. Before the coil I had 12 weeks off sick in 2013 because of pain and endo related stuff.

If you do try the endo diet and you tend to have a sweet tooth (like me) don't beat yourself up too much if you give in to temptation every once in a while as it is bloody difficult. I always try and have a really good day the next day and have the mantra that whatever I put in my body is either feeding the disease or fighting it.

:) xx

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Thanks for your reply , its great to know that it does make a difference I'm going to really try and do it and I might have another re think about the coil . Thanks xx


hi go to the posts about Immune system there is a very good post done by endo be gone, I am on endo diet for 2 months now, feeling good and healhy, period pains have gone, keep it very strict no sugar no gluten (wheat) no diary and no red and prosesed meat. it seems you cant eat anything but this diet makes you creative with the foods you can eat, go for this diet, and know that you are not alone, there are many women doing it as you :) good luck!


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