toilet pan dark red

Posted a few times on here , I have endo and been in horrible pain since November. I had my period Monday-we'd extreme pain took tramadol but I got worse after my period when to out of hours sat night because pain in back and groin and clots on my stool to be giving more pain relief. Which don't do anyging for me!!!! Now I have just had a bowel movement and my full pan was dark red with blood!!! What the hell is happening to me !!! Back pain kicked up a notch and can't even touch my lower abdomin.!!b calls out of hours - hemroids EH NAW PAL ITS NOT !!!!!!!!! Why won't anyone take me seriously !!!!! So annoyed. Anyone know what this is ?? Anyone else had it? I hav convinced myself I must have endo on my bowel or worse :(

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I would go see your gp today and ring your gynaecologist secretary to arrange a urgent appointment or go to a NHS walk in centre. Hope you are doing better than when you posted your message. Thinking of you. I have bowel endometriosis and bled. Just keep at medics till they see you. Take care and all the best!

Hi inspiredN thanks for replying. I have calmed down a lot thanks. I am going to see my doc today and he better send me to the hospital to get checked. Been going on so long now. How are you coping with bowel endo? Do u only bleed at ur period if u don't mind me asking? I have been having blood in my stool a while now but my pan was completely full of dark blood. Back pain Is constant and I also think I have another ovairan cyst :( back to work today been off so much proba going to loss my job which adds to the stress. I will let u know how I get on at docs. Thanks for taking the time to reply to me xxx

I don't have same symptoms but agree with previous poster. Get to docs ASAP. If worst comes to worst take a picture next time and show it to them. I know it's unpleasant but sometimes docs think patients exaggerate. A picture may shock them into action and show them how frightening this must be for you.



I have took pics I will show them doc has passed me to the hosptial to see the surgeons on my way just now xxx

Glad someone is taking you seriously hun!

Massive hugs


Thanks for getting back to me. I am thinking the worst either bowel endo or cancer :( pain is constant never leaves me and the blood was a shock cxx

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