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I feel heartbroken

I went for my first appointment at the infertility clinic today to see if I was eligible for Ivf. The good news is that I am, but the first hurdle is that I've got to lose weight. That's not a problem though. I've got 6 months and I'm a bit of a yo-yo'er anyway so I'll gladly lose a bit because I have put a bit on this last 12 months. So that's the good news. The bad news is that in order to collect my eggs I need to come off my prostap injections for at least 3-6 months. To set the scene, I've been on prostap injections for 3 years. They're my saviour. Without them I'm in chronic pain, unable to work. As it turns out, I've had chronic pain for the last 10 months anyway, for 1 reason: I came offmy prostap injections. I wanted to stop them and try for a baby naturally with my boyfriend but I lasted all of 3 months and I begged the doctor to put me back on them. Now I've been told I've got to endure that for upto 6 months. I just don't know whether I can? I forsee advice of "if you want something bad enough you'll do it" but it can't be that black and white surely? My quality of life is zero without prostap. What about work? I only manage to work 15 hours a week as it is because Endo has robbed me of any sort of fulfilling career and my employers have given me so much time off this year because of my pain. So I'm thinking that probably the right thing to do is to resign. And then what? Claim ESA and stay in bed in agonising pain for 6 months? I can't believe that this is my option. I feel heartbroken. The worst thing I thought they could've said today was no to ivf. But I was wrong. The worst thing they could have said was that I have to stop my Injections. I'm that reliant on them and I just didn't realise that I'd have to stop them. What do I do?

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I read somewhere that acupuncture can help alleviate the pains with endo. Maybe it could be an option to explore? I really hope you find a way forward all the best xxx


Thankyou so much for your reply. I've tried accuppuncture before and didn't find it particularly helpful unfortunately. But, I've had my appointment come through for a pain management team so hopefully they'll be able to help me x



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