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Fighting the pain!

Hi everyone, I am 20 years old and I was diagnosed with endometriosis on 28th October this year. I have suffered with chronic pelvic pain for over 5 years, but now i have been diagnosed with endometriosis, i feel nobody seems as willing to give me help or advice (Dr's etc). I seem to be taking painkillers on a regular basis at the moment, but they only mask the pain slightly. I am just interested to see if anyone could possibly give me any tips on how to deal with/reduce the amount of pain endometriosis causes. Thanks in advance!

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Hi nice to meet you :-) I'm 21 so we are around the same age. And I was diagnosed this year also.. Can I ask 1st what medication they have put you on?? :-) x


Hello there! I am 21 and was diagnosed about a week after you. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so bad.

Have you been put on the birth control pill? I found that greatly managed my pain. For the most part, no periods = not (much) pain.

K xx


So i know this cannot be used long term but god belove the person who discovered Zoladex :)

I have been really lucky with it it has reduced my pain HUGELY. dont get me wrong i still get it, but 2 times a week (more toward the end of my injection) is much better than every single day.

I think i have been really lucky in that the only side affect i have had is the inability to get warm (at all - unless the heatings on 26 degrees, i have a jumper on fluffy slippers, socks, fleece pjs, duvet and blanket with fire on) but it may be something to mention to your doctor, i also take the pill alongside this ass an add back therapy i think they call it?

but yes helps me massively, as does my lovely tens machine (a lloyds pharmay one, has lots of different settings, was only £12 and is tiny so fits in my jeans pocket or pocket of my scrubs at work and nobody even knows i have it on! :) )



Hi all! :) thank you for your replies! My medication is Desogestrel. I was put on it about 6 months ago, and i didn't get on with it at first but i carried on taking it. My Dr wants me to take it for another 6 months to see if things settle down, but i still get pain at any random time of the month, with no sequence, and excruciating pain at the time when i would have been on my period, when i had them! Xx


Hi what pain relief have they got you on?? X


Just Paracetamol and Zapain, neither of which seem to work! X


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