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Headaches and yasmin

Can anyone help I started yasmin from my consultant took them for two weeks was fine up until the 14th day when I developed the worst head pain ever felt like my head was pulsating and was going to explode I rang my gp dh told me to stop them that was three days ago only I still have the head pains constantly has any one else had this ? I would've thought it would have passed by now seeing as I've stopped it but now my other pains are worse than ever too :( so fed up

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I was on yasmin for two years and it was effective at maintaining my hormone levels, however during my pill free week I always suffered from migraine. Still have them now now I am off of it but they seem to be less severe. I was told by nurse in the UK that yasmin is a pill you shouldn't take if over 35.

Best to be safe if it seems to be linked. Hope you feel a bit better soon. For the migraines I have been prescribed a tablet called zomig, its a lifesaver. In just a few minutes it stops the pain. No more three day migraines for me. You could try and get hold of it.



Aww thanks for the reply Hun :) I'm making an appointment with my gp as migraine still lingering :( I'm really down as the yasmin were helping my pain :( I'm 36 so not quite sure why he prescribed this particular one but waiting for op in April for bowel resection etc and he said it would help until then x


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