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TENS units.. any advice?

I'm still quite new to the possibility of endo, Ive been having pains for three years and finally had my first appointment with gyne. It looks like I'm going to be waiting another 7-8 months for my first lap, and I am still awaiting diagnosis (although the nurse at the pain clinic seemed to heavily drop hints about endo..). In the meantime she's advised me to start using a TENS machine. I know a fair amount about them from working in a pharmacy, but I was wondering if any one has found much relief from the use of one? The cocktail of painkillers they have given me has never worked, and she was set that this will be the best way forward.

The symptoms I'm having include pain from my groin to my waist on the right hand side most days which gets worse during my cycle as well as it occasionally appearing on the left and travelling down my right leg, PCOS, IBS like symptoms and the most excruciating period pains.

Thanks in advance for any help :)

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I have a tens machine, I only used it when my back was bad. It did help a little but I still took the painkillers. It was a strange feeling at first and I had to move the pads about a bit to get it right but it did help. You can only use it for a short time, then you have to take a break. I could have done with it on constantly at times.

Hope you do find some relief. X


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