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Anyone on this? was put on it because im in agony for about 2 months now with pain in lower right abdo (appendix gone) and i was bleeding for 2 months straight even though i was on pill. So its stopped the bleeding BRILL!! pain still there so clearly something causing it other than endo scan next week!

but was just wondering does anyone get side effects with this? since starting I dont feel right i feel sick all the time and have a horrible taste in my mouth

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Hi there,

Yip I'm on it for the first 2 days I had constant headache then disappeared, 2 weeks I had horrible nausea and felt so weak to the point where I couldn't lift my arms I felt absolutely miserable I now have different stomach cramp pains everyday when I wake up sometimes they actually wake me up but am persevering with it as I tried another pill previously and couldn't stand headaches and extremely intense breast pain, I gather that I'm very sensitive to hormones so glad I didn't opt for a mirena. I realised my moods are more leveled out. I started taking the norithisterone at night before bed but still felt sick next day takes awhile to get used to, I also had lower right abdo pains same as you couldn't lay down on that side and made hunch over trying to walk around the house was very close to going to the hospital. Iv'e been on it for 24 days so far.

My period is due in 3 days and am starting to get the cramps from that now :( I have a period app tracker and write down everything I feel everyday, once a month I have gynaecologist appointment next thursday yay


Hey I was taking Norethisterone for around 6 months with no break, although it stopped the bleeding I was having but it did nothing to control the pain. After 3/4 months I found that it was making me really bloated, I had constant nausea and sickness, horrible taste in the mouth and it began to give me acne over my chest and back/shoulders. I found taking it after food and drinking some lemonade helped with the sickness helped slightly. In the end an Endo nurse swapped me on to Cerazette instead of Norethisterone to control the bleeding but that too has done nothing for the pain. It might be worth trying a different pill if it's not agreeing with you?


I have tryed many pills now and none work for me


Have you tried any other hormone treatments? I have the Mirena and it has helped a great deal!


I have personal reason for not wanting that..... I'm glad the bleeding has stopped that's took some of the stress away and give me abit more confidence back just waiting for my scan next week if it is my endo then I'll have to look at the options if not then atleast I will have a answer I guess


Fingers crossed for your scan, good luck! :)


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