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hello x

well im at my wits end with my health up untill i had my 2 nd child my health was brillaint! this was 2 years ago and the birth has caused me so much pain and depression.along with the joy of corse.

so basically for 2 years now i been gettin severe pelvic pain on my left side which only comes once a month 2 weeks after my period around ovulation time.also i have a watery discharge which make me feel so uncomfortable it dont smell at all.doctor s appointment after doctors appointment and swab tests done numerous times all comeing back clear felt like i was banging my head against the wall.had ultra sound scan done and cct scan done both clear as well.after googleing everything possibly myself i realised it was ovulation pain most likeley and read up on edomitios,sorry for spelling> its symtoms matched mine perfectly so back to the doctors and demanded to see the gyno after seeing her i was booked in for a laproscopy which i had literally 2 and half weeks ago.they found endomitios and lasered it im away and fitted a mirena coil EXCELLENT so i thought .... then 4am this morning omg the pain started and lasted 8 hours pure agony this was 10 times worse than before ,the doctor on call finally come out after me begging them at which point the pain had stoped and now i feel fine! typical.to me this says that whatever they done has not worked and just made it worse.has anyone been threw something similar and have any advice please i really just want a full hysterectomy get rid of the lot im 35 and dont want any more children my mum had one at 38 and has been fine since but ive read so many bad reviews i just dont no what to do or what the hell is going on inside so depressing have not been in a relationshp since the thought of having sex is just not a thought i can even have let alone do lol thanks in advance

kayla xx

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That is typical regarding the doctor!

Is this pain occurring when you'd normally be ovulating (according to your cycle)?

I know that the first period after surgery is supposed to be pure hell as everything's raw and healing and so on. Perhaps the same applies to ovulation pain?!


hi ya

thanks for your reply yes the pain is when im ovulating is excalty 3 weeks tomorrow since the op so is about the right time in my cycle such a pain literally!

maybe m being abit impatient then expecting it all to go away so soon lol

i have my hospital check up 6th of jan so maybe find out more as been to doctors today and they cant even tell me exactly what was found and where ridulous eh!

kayla xx


Hi Kayla

I think it's natural to be impatient. With most other operations there's a guarantee it will fix whatever's wrong. With endometriosis there's no guarantee, and yet we all hope it will 100% work and other people expect surgery to fix us (I think). So there's our own desire to be pain and symptom free, and other people's desire that we should be better.... A lot of pressure.

I had excision surgery 2 weeks ago and I'm experiencing endo pains and the usual healing pains, plus bleeding. I'm trying to not panic and to remember that everything has been poked, prodded, cut and moved around. It takes a long time to heal inside. Add in the mirena (I got it too) and we're now getting hormone we weren't before the op! I dunno... I think the docs don't really explain well what to expect in the 6-8 weeks post op. I'm sure it must take a couple of cycles to settle down hormonally and for tissue to heal.

Wonder if you could approach the surgeon's secretary to ask exactly what was done. It's your body, you have a right to know!!



wow sounds like you had near similar to me!

id never even heard of endometriosis untill now!

the surgeon did tell me when i came round from the anthestic but it was in one ear and out the other had morphin as well as dont handle pain well so was abit away with the faires lol

the doctor did give me zapain tablets to help with my next attack as i call it untill i my next hospital appointment just hoping they have a next step for me as have a feeling maybe it didnt all go done so much googling about it lol my brains going nuts!

hope you feel better soon to xx


Hi, I havent had a Mirena coil fitted, but I know from other ladies posting on here that it can take around 6 months to settle down and start to work properly. You can search previous posts on Mirena by using the green bar at the top of the forum page.


thanks i will give it abit longer nd do some research on it x


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