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Advice pleasee

Hi Girls,

I hope your all well, I just had a question for you. So today I had an internal ultrasound in the hospital and they said nothing could be seen on the scan and that I didn't have any cyst's. Is this normal or does the ultrasound usually pick up something if you have endo? My doctor who referred me is on holiday for a few weeks at the moment so there is no one that can really advise me. Im in a a lot of pain at the moments and the internal scan was agony. I just dont really no what to do at the moment I feel lost.


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My internal scans said nothing to the drs. When I had my 1st lap they found endo, cysts and adhesions from the endo. Ovaries stuck on to other organs too...so in my case nothing was picked up by the scan.

Hope you get down to the bottom of this with your drs soon.

Steph x


My scans also showed nothing, including an mri. But found severe endo when they operated. Those doing to scan really need to be specialists in the area. Make sure you get referred to a specialist service


Normal. It's hard to find and I had the same hence why they should book you a laparoscopy they're just checking you don't have cysts etc. Xx


Jess are you on any hormonal medications like The Pill, An I.U.D or Depo? How old are you dear? come back to me.. Regards from Nurse Gladys Emanuel (open all hours)


Hi Caz!

I'm 25, I have always had really painful periods.

About 4 years ago I was constantly bleeding (I was on the contraceptive injection at the time) on and off and worse after intercourse. I had many tests for STI's ect and all came back as normal. The doctors ended up putting it down to the injection and put me on the coil. Everything seamed to calm down bleeding wise but still having the stomach pains going back and forth to the doctors and they ended up saying it is constipation (feeling deflated and embarrassed I just put up with the pain for a while). The more recently the pain had been getting a lot worse and the bleeding has started again. And adding to all of that I am constantly tired and moods arn't great.

I'm really quite scared about the possibility of maybe not being able to have children. I have always been against the idea but have been with the most amazing man for a few years now and have been really coming around to the idea and now this has come about.

I'm not really sure what to do and the uncertainty is scary.

Thank you for listening.



Hi Jess,at age 25 you have about 13 more years before your biological clock starts to fade. You have a coil? Is it a Mirena?

our women's bits are so close to our bowel and often pain can be mistaken as period or constipation.if you are sure you have a regular bowel evacuation have you had a laparoscopy to look for fibroids or ovarian cysts? With a coil inside your ovaries should be asleep as a coil acts as a false pregnancy and periods disappear after a while,if this is not happening get your coil position checked to see if it has dislodged or even fallen out! If you are ready to start your family then have it removed.a pregnancy and childbirth will alter your women's areas and it is known to solve many problems..keep in touch dear.good luck


Thank you girls....

Its so nice to talk to people going through the same thing.

The uncertainty of it all is scary.


Hi Jess

I had an internal ultrasound and it showed nothing so my GP just said I was unlucky to have painful periods and gave me Mefenamic acid. It was only because I had a health check through work that I was able to get referred quickly to a gynaecologist. The scan was right - the laparoscopy showed my ovaries were clear but that didn't mean there was no endo, it just happened to be everywhere but my ovaries! So don't let a clear scan be the end of the road...if you're still suffering push for your GP to refer you to a BSGE centre so that you can hopefully get to the bottom of what's going on x


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