Zoladex and mood changes or depression

Hello everyone.

In the last few weeks I have felt really really low. I am constantly in tears and most of the time I don't know why. I don't want to go out and see friends and have negative thoughts that float into my head. It is scaring me that I feel so bad mentally wise. I've been having zoladex injections for the last 8 months and wonder if it is because of this? Although why has it only started now? I also wonder whether I'm just upset because my pain has flared back up again after quite a few months break. What should I do? Should I speak to a doctor? Can they do anything more than just anti-depressants? Because I really don't want to be taking yet another medication!!

Thanks xxx

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  • Hi, this could be because your add back therapy or HRT is not enough, I know how you feel I was on Zoladex for 9 months and I had to up my add back as time went by the menapausal symptoms increased. I started on 25mg patches of estrogil and by the last two months I was on 75mg and felt better, but I gradually increased my patches over a time period. I would speak with your doctor and ask them. Please don't feel like your going mad or cracking-up it's not your mind it's just a hormone unbalance, it can be scary and upsetting but you will be ok .....

  • I was on prostrap injections and felt like I was going mad. My thoughts didn't feel like my own it was really scary made me realise I'd much rather have a physical illness than a mental one.

    After posting about it on here everyone recommended I went to the doctors and they put me on hrt and within about 3 days I started to feel better.

  • ive just had my last zoladex injection and im like this. I cry over everything, last night the cheese went very slightly too brown on my boyfriends pizza and i had a right hysterical crying fit!! i find time to myself helps and just rationalising my actions like thinking am i really upset about this or is it zola-devil-dex haha but yeh deffo go back to doctors xx

  • Thanks so much for your replies ladies!

    I've got my next injection on Wednesday so I'll ask then. I'm already on hrt but perhaps you are right that I need to increase the amount.

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling a similar way blondielocks - I wouldn't want anyone to feel like this, it's awful!! My husband is very good and making me rationalise my thoughts but I'm not so good at it on my own - I get myself into a right panic!


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