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So much pain including hip

Hi. I've suffered with endometriosis for 10 years (diagnosed) but have had a clicky hip as long as I can remember. This has got progressively worse over the last 2 years and now when it clicks out it can take days to heal. Worse at period time. MRI clear. Internal vaginal trigger points. Sciatic nerve pain since started Physio. Can barely walk most days now. Could this be all linked to my endo? Guiney refusing another ablation even tho I've only ever had 1 and say can't do hysterectomy as only 37. Tired all the time and rely struggling now but just don't know wat to do next, suggestions appreciated. Thanks all fr reading this xx

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I have read it can be linked...I have a clicks hip and recently my muscles very tight I'm pelvic area and since July had sciatic pain. Worse around period. My Dr refuses to send me to gynae to get checked as telling me it's nothing to do with Endo so now paying £500 for lumbar/tailbone MRI to speed up process. I think there are do many symptoms associated with Endo that Drs aren't familiar with. I would ask for another opinion if you arnt happy x


It's so frustrating when no one will listen. Hope u get sorted too. I think I'm gonna fight for MRI of back n pelvis n laparoscopy as can't continue as am


Hi there, I also have had clicky hip since birth and Great Ormond Street told my Mum I would grow out of it but never did. It's not a major problem but I have pain in this side and sometimes I have pain all down my leg and it feels cold. My symptoms are slowly improving though with Qlaira and I also practice Sophrology daily. I hope you get some help and relief soon.


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