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Cont.. pain pain pain

Hi angels I've been to the Dr's again still in pain weeing blood still. ... I couldn't believe what I was hearing " there is nothing more we can do for you, you have been on 2 courses of strong antibiotics, and nothing else we can do apart from give you some strong painkillers " I was in tears and said that I can't spend another night sleeping on the loo, because I need to go every 2 seconds and it's the only position I can get comfy. .. "

I'm due to have my stents removed next Wednesday and there is no way I can do that with the pain I'm in......

They said they would drop a line to my sergeon don't know what good that will do. ....... Any suggestions on what I can do ..I'm so upset. ..

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Is there any way you could contact your consultant's secretary?maybe she or he can get your cons to check everything ok? Xx


Hi there am exactly the same I had surgery 3 weeks ago went back into hospital last week they tested everything and said to me that because of the extent of the endo and everything sticking together my bowel and bladder that I would have this for a while... this can't be right surely? hope you get sorted quickly x


Contact your consultant through his/her secretary. I emailed mine as didn't have the strength to make sense on the phone. Mine was furious nobody contacted him. I hope you get some help. X


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