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Mirena Device

I'm a newbie on here. I have had endo for 30 years and luckily the excruciating pain I used to get has lessened (or I got used to it) _ I have had most symptoms over the years. But am lucky to have 3 children despite being told I would struggle to conceive. This may give hope to other sufferers?? At the moment I struggle with my skin and would have acne if it wasn't for the lovely skincare I use, heavy bleeding and absolute exhaustion on some days with occasional headaches (still pain 3 days per month but I can cope). I'm just fed up with my skin and being ill every month, like I'm recovering from flu. Doctor has suggested the mirena but I don't get on with oral combined pill or progesterone only so not sure how it's going to work. What experiences have you had with the mirena, particularly skin improvement or changes and mood changes / loss of libido?? Thanks in advance.

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Hi! Lovely to read your post & see you have 3 children! That's great! I have just been diagnosed with endometriosis after 9 years, now 24. They too have suggested the Mirena coil as my body became used to my different pill's. The great thing about the coil it does not release the hormone into your blood, like the pill. So all the symptoms such as acne you've mentioned you shouldn't get? I'm getting mine fitted in 2 weeks as I need a smear (my first one agh!), so I can't talk from my experience. But I like the idea that it just works within in your womb!


I have app for consultation about it on 12th dec then not sure when it'll be fitted but I'll be interested to see how you get on. I'm keeping fingers crossed it's the solution for me. My client this morning has one and loves it, it's her 2nd one so she's had one for 12 years in total!! She said they can last 9 years but thought it was only 5?


The fact you have 3 children gives me great faith, im all new without a proper diagnosis yet (18th dec forst lap) im only 22 and so scared i wont be able to have children! also the fluey symptoms, I get these really bad, i find been really strict with my diet and exercide during these times helps. having complex carbs nuts veg etc basically eating clean! i feel horrific today. absolutely horrific! hope you get sorted, skin wise, ive got terrible undereye bags since starting zoladex?! have you tried neals yard scrubs - they help my skin crazy amounts!



I use Dr.Hauschka where exfoliation is bad news, I work with it so total fan. 100% organic... I had 1 child age 24, another age 30 and last one at 39. It is possible and was diagnosed stage 3 at 21 years old. I have used acupuncture, reflexology, homeopathy and hypnotherapy over the years. I already eat very organic, dairy gluten free but love sugar so that's going to go next. Hot flushes were awful on zoladex and it didn't impact my endo much. I didn't get bags under eyes though, do you mean bags i.e. swollen and puffy or shadows?



For me, having a mirena fitted was the best thing I ever did - I just wish I'd done it decades earlier. My endo was (I think) fairly mild compared to the horror stories I have read on here, and for years it had been dismissed as 'just' bad period pains, but as it was generally controlled well by the pill (we didn't want children) I forgot to worry a lot of the time. However, it got much worse when I stopped taking the pill after my husband died, and that was when someone finally listened and I was diagnosed. But ... at the time, the solution was to go back on the pill.

When I was told to stop the pill at 50, things became horrendous. The perimenopause was making things much worse, and although a lap and endo removal made things easier for a year, it was soon even more painful, with heavier, more painful, and more frequent periods, combined with dreadful mood swings and awful joint pains. The mirena cured all of that. I adjusted to it quite quickly, with only a few days of 'period-type' pains afterwards, and some discomfort for the next few months; but my periods and the usual pain began reducing straight away. The last 4 years have been bliss.

The progesterone in the coil is much less than in tablets, and it is close to where it needs to target, so it doesn't upset the rest of the body chemistry so much. It's much better for other organs eg the liver, as there isn't loads of tablet progesterone to be broken down via the blood and liver. My oestrogen was still high for my age (still is) but the dose of progesterone from the coil was enough to counter it, and thus reduce the endo, and pains, and stop my periods. I can't imagine life without it. My skin has been fine, probably better than before, but mine had always been worse during the high oestrogen phases, so I guess that explains it.

I'm now 59, and due to have the old one removed - I'm hoping I can have another if my oestrogen is still high - I really do not want a return to how things were before.

If I was you I would try it, and try to give it a trial for as much as six months. Remember though, it is your right to have it inserted in hospital and under anaesthetic - my GP said I had to have it done at the local clinic (a friend had passed out screaming when she had hers done) , so I saw a gynae privately for him to okay the op on the NHS ...

Reminds me, I've never really had that out with my GP, should be fun when I go about removing/renewing this one!! Good luck.


I have to agree with you Grittyreads. The mirena coil has been amazing for me too with regards to period and endo pain. I still have some issues with pain on the bowels when I have my period but my actual period is so much lighter now. I had mine fitted at the gp's surgery and it was fine. A little sharp pain but no problem. I too wish I'd done it years ago! Best of luck with the next one and good luck Sahshapegs I think you should try it out.


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