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Hi Ladiea, I am what I consider lucky with my endo as I only get pain during my 7 day pill break. But I am finding I am starting to get more pain during exercise. I can do around 20-30 minutes of cardio before I get almost a drawing/pulling pain in my lower tummy area. I go to the gym 3 times a week and I am often having to come home straight to my hot water bottle. When on my 7 day break I can rarely exercise due to the pain but if I do it feels like someone is pulling on my tummy button from the inside :( Just wondering how you all get on with endo and exercise?

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Hi, sorry to hear you are going through this too. I used to also get the exact same pain you describe if I was on the running machine or if I was in a group exercise class, unfortunately I just couldn't exercise at all whilst I was having the pain, sometimes even walking would cause the pulling in my lower stomach. The only thing I could suggest which may help would be to take some ibruprofen about an hour before you exercise to see if that helps. Another thing which helps me is juicing, you could try juicing for 3 days during your 7 day break. I use Jason Vale 3 day detox which I think really helps. By doing it you are cutting out all processed food, wheat, gluten, alcohol etc so maybe these might be things to try. I hope this helps. x


I find the only thing that really helps me is regular walking and a few long walks per weeks - 5 miles or so. I am aiming to do 2 miles a day, fast ish walking - has so many health benefits and when I do it often that's when I feel the benefit. I usually feel worse after tougher work outs, like zumba etc. Cross trainer isn't too bad but I have to take it quite slow.


Thanks for the replies ladies, I can cope with the pain on my 7 days but its now doing it rest of the month too :( exercise seems to be the only thing that starts it off outside of my 7 day break. I need to do it though to keep the weight off. I will try juicing during my break, it may also help with the bowel problems I have. Thanks :)


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