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Post laparoscopy follow up?

I had a laparoscopy & dye test 1 week ago to remove cysts but they had to be drained as everything is stuck together. I'm still in discomfort & tired. I was advised whilst still drowsy in recovery that my cysts on left ovary was stuck to bowel, bladder & uterus so had to be drained. Good news was that the dye went through my right tube & I can apply for ivf. a biopsy was also taken from right ovary don't know if this was just procedure??

I was shown 8 photos of my reproductive area & it looked a bit nasty. I'm now wondering why I don't have a post-op follow up appointment as I would like to know what happens with the left side that's all stuck together & will this effect ivf & future. my next appointment is 2nd Feb 2015 at infertility clinic.

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Hi mclare if you can get copies of the photos you can post them on excellent facebook group with experts who help advise about endo) you can also ask questions there too. Not sure why they'd leave your left side - maybe they weren't skilled enough to deal with it in which case you could do with them referring you to a specialist endo centre ( accredited centres are on a list on the BSGE website) and feel free to research the centres yourself first as you can choose which you would prefer to be referred to. If you do have a further lap to sort out your left side check that they plan to excise any cysts not just drain them as if they're just drained they can refill again unfortunately. Hope you have a painfree and smooth recovery and good luck with the IVF :-) xx


Thanks you.

I've been disappointed in it all so far not had any advice on the endometriosis anything I know I've read on this page or Google. I'm going to contact the Secretary tomorrow & ask for an appointment with a nurse even just to discuss with them my concerns.


Agree its dreadful that we are left to research it all ourselves. Good luck & hope your recovery goes well x


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