Feeling defeated

Hi, I had a vaginal dissection for endo in the vagina and an adhesiolysis on severe bowel adhesions just over a year ago and my bladder is stuck to the top of my vagina. The pain has slowly crept back in over the last 8 months and I have now developed a cystocele and a rectocele and currently have a pessary ring to sort the bladder prolapse but just so embarrassed with all the problems down there particularly the rectocele and I don't know what's next. I'm so exhausted with it all and don't know where to turn :-(

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  • Hi there

    Just read your post thus really is a horrible horrible disease just when you think you are on top of things something else hits you.

    I am so sorry you are having to go through this can't really offer any words if wisdom but I can say I do know how you feel as I am going through something similar as well .

    I really do hope things start to improve for you take very good care xxxxxxxx

  • Thank you for your reply I really appreciate it. Got myself really down today after a painful hospital appointment today and another one again tommorrow which I'm dreading. But your kind words have helped. Thank you and I hope things start to improve for you too xxxx

  • Really hope things are not as painful today for you .i really feel for it's all horrible .My appointment last week was soo painful but a really lovely junior doctor held my hand through out do you know it made all the difference ...just a bit of kindness take care

  • Thank you for your message, just returned from my appointment after another very painful examination I have just been told ill need a bladder and bowel repair and some sort of anaesthetic steroid injections down there to help. Which has come as a bit of a shock after the nurse told me yesterday that there was nothing more they would be prepared to do except to change the pessary every 6 months. Just glad my consultants prepared to help me. Thanks again and take care x

  • Glad you're getting somewhere. I found out i have a rectocele and an intussusception ( internal prolapse) recently so you have my sympathies. I don't know whether to have surgery or delay it to ttc. Good luck with your repair xx

  • It's a double edged sword isn't it pretty major stuff but if they have suggested it would help and I'm glad for you that they are willing to try all the very best to you and keep us posted xxxxxx

  • Thanks ladies I'm feeling kind of relieved that he's willing to do something to try and sort things out as the nurse I see every six months to change the pessary just said I'd have to carry on like this forever and it was worrying me that I might have another 40 or 50 years of this. So hopefully in the new year things will start to get sorted. Thank you for your kind words it helps to know there are lots if us experiencing these things as horrible as it is xx

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