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Lap cancelled at very last minute

I was in hospital yesterday all day waiting and was just about to put on my gown and be called for my Lap when it was cancelled at the last minute due to the surgery before mine running over. The nurse said I'll be called for another one very soon but has anyone had this same experience? Do you actually get another on quickly? I'm completely gutted by this as I had been waiting so long :-(

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This happened to me three weeks ago, exactly the same way, I was sat there starving with my gown and sexy TED stockings on and they cancelled at 4.30pm because the lady before me ran over. I am now in next Wednesday so it was only delayed by three weeks ish and I am the only person on the list that day so don't fret they should contact you soon. Good luck xxx

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Thanks for letting me know I didn't know if I was being fobbed off just to appease me or if will actually be called again in a few weeks. It is all so stressful x


I would say if you don't have a call within two weeks call them, and persist with them. Before my last surgery (the one that was cancelled) all the staff in the office knew me on a first name basis ha! My date had been changed 4 times by that point and I was getting rather ticked off!! x

Try not to stress, easier said than done I know, but it will only make you feel awful before your surgery xx


I'm actually going to phone this afternoon and start torturing them for a date. I think the reason why the surgery before mine ran over is because they started it so late. They had lost my notes and my consultant was having to waste his time tracking them down.

I was so relieved when they found them only to have it cancelled anyway.


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