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I've recently just had a laparoscopy to remove a cist on my ovarie and just after some advice?!

I had my laparoscopy about 3 weeks ago now but I'm still receiving the same pains before having it. The pain occurs at random and also whilst going to the toilet. It's a sharp stabbing pain. Just wondering should this be happening? Also I was due on my period shortly after my lap and didn't have it. Does having this operation mess you cycle around and if so how long for as the other main reason other than pain that I had this laparoscopy was because I am trying to fall pregnant. Hope somebody can give me advice, don't really know what am on with! Many thanks.

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Hiya 3 weeks is still early days from a healing point of view so try to rest as much as possible whilst gently increasing how active you become. I remember having some sharp pains after my lap too - bear in mind that you've had a lot going on inside and your body is healing but ofcourse if you are concerned ring your GP for a post op check up. Having any kind of gynae surgery can mess with your cycle - esp if you've had any ovary disease. It took 6 weeks for my first post opnperiod to come. For some women their first couple of periods can be very painful too but this doesn't mean that your surgery wanted effective . Hope you have a smooth recovery xx


Thank you so much! You eased my thoughts! Xx


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