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Hi everyone, in need of a little info/advice!

I had an abnormal smear (high grade) and was referred for a colposcopy and treatment. During my appointment the doctor said she couldn't do the treatment as she didn't think it would work... she took a biopsy and my results will take four to six weeks. The doctor said from what she could tell I have CIN 2. I'm just wondering...why couldn't she do the treatment? Isn't that the 'normal' thing to do? Have a colposcopy; treatment then have another smear in six months? Should I be worried?

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I have been in your situation and it was scary as i didn't understand what was happening. It was also incredibly painful for me and in the end i was told if i decided to go for treatment they would recommend i had it under a general anaesthetic. They took biopsy's on 3 different occasions and each time i was given the choice as to whether i wanted treatment or if i wanted to stay under observation to see if they returned to normal. I had decided after the third time that if they still came back as abnormal i would go ahead with the procedure but that time they came back clear.

My results never took that long to come through though and if there is something wrong there is no way they will keep you waiting. You have these tests for a reason and that is so they can catch these things while they can still do something about it. She may have had an appointment to get too or something just as simple as that.

Have a look at the link below and see if it helps at least a little xxx



Hi, thanks for your reply. Your comments do put me at ease. Maybe she thought I'd need treatment under general anaesthetic rather than local which is why she didn't do any treatment. I'll have a look at the link you sent me too. Thanks again, I appreciate your time to comment :) xxx


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