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I just went to the doctor and she said that my face is dropping to 1 side when I smile and I don't feel as much on my left side. In being refered to a neurologist and she said something, but I didn't hear being in shock, it also would've developed after going on and hormonal contraceptives.

Could I have had a mini stroke? I was on birth control for less then a week.... Also in most cases Endo is treated in with hormonal contraceptives, is there a different form of treatment then birth control to keep it at bay after laparoscopy?

I'm sorry I'm really confused I'm 17, healthy with nothing other then endo and scoliosis and no blood clotting gene (tested at hospital).

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It could be Bell's palsy which is temporary try not too worry xxx


Ok thanks:)


My mum had it after a heavy cold,even one side of her tongue was numb and her eyelid drooped and had numbness in cheek,all ok after two weeks.xxx


Can it cause headaches and blurry vision?

I've been tested for diabetes, anemia, and a lot of other things and my blood came back fine.

Could Bell's Palsy be the cause?


I'm really not sure it didn't in my mums case.her affected eye kept watering though xx


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