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Update: gyne appt locked in YAY

I just got a letter saying I have a gyne appointment booked in on 18th of December so happy.

Also went back to my doc yesterday she prescribed norimin coc pill and more dhcs (dihydrocodeine tartrate) for the meantime, she also told me If i get the gyne's understudy to let them know I will not be fobbed off and fertility is a big issue for me, she also said she will fight for me to have a laparoscopy and get my life back on track as best she can. She seems to be very protective and concerned when she feels I haven't been treated properly as she said I have text book symptoms and nothing was done for 10 years just bloody infuriating and ridiculous.

It's an amazing feeling being listened to and to be actually getting somewhere with such a supportive doctor .

I hope this post helps those who feel like they are trying to push wet spaghetti uphill with a straw, keep soldiering on be persistent and when a doctor gets an attitude or makes you feel anxious and is just plain useless find another one it took me 10 years but I got there


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What a brilliant turn around you've had, hearing success stories on here makes me feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for sharing that. My doctor seems to care about me and it makes such a difference (previously had doctors that don't seem too bothered too.) Its nice to hear someone getting somewhere in their fight against endo!!!


Really pleased to hear your finally being seen!! YAY! All it takes is one amazing doctor! I saw 4 different ones at my GP's until finally seeing the lady I'm with now, and she's amazing. I do feel amazingly lucky to have such a supportive GP, as from seeing here a little over a year ago, I've been seen by my consultant, had my lap and been diagnosed! Amazing what can happen when someone finally listens!!

Good luck with everything :)

Emma xxx


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